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A Few UFO Reflections and Hopes.

Itís a New Year. Looking back on 2006, I can say it went by very fast. On a personal level, there were plenty of moments of intense ups and downs before things straightened out, but it always straightened out, and for the best. I have a good job, one I like. Thatís no small thing. I discovered gratitude, and it sounds so simple but itís very powerful nonetheless. This includes my writing and UFO /Fortean ďlife." Things couldnít be better in that regard. Well, they could, I could be making some actual money from all this blogging and writing, but we donít do it for the money. In terms of my writing; the responses Iíve received, and what itís done for me on a personal level, itís been better than I could have imagined. And it happened faster, as well. (and this includes the generosity of Tim Binnall, this siteís amazingly energetic creator, who just goes for it when it comes to facilitating great information for the rest of us "UFO Junkies." )

This has also made me more aware of time; in my early fifties (jesus, really??!! Yeah, really. Mind doesn't know it, body sure does on some days.) I realize, I feel, time more. Iím closer to the end than I am to the beginning. I donít mean to sound gloomy, it isnít gloomy. It just is. Itís okay. Simply a change in perspective. I donít mean to say Iím going to turn in my ticket tomorrow, in fact, I plan to die in my sleep when Iím in my late 90s. Iíll be the eccentric but kindly painter lady in her cottage by the sea, with roomfuls of UFO books and too many cats.

About ten years ago I really believed that a disclosure would take place in the United States regarding UFOs. If not the United States, some country that would release to the world proof that UFOs and its occupants exist. And that along with that proof, weíd have most, if not all, the answers: who they were, where they came from.

I thought that would happen, or, that an ET/UFO event so huge, so incredible, would happen, that no one would have any doubt about the existence of UFOs or aliens.

I donít think that anymore. No government, anywhere, is going to release anything really big concerning UFOs. And as far as Ďthemí landing, well, theyíve been landing for centuries. Theyíre here, theyíve been here, and theyíre not interested in ďfull disclosure," after all, what do they care?

While that may sound pessimistic, it isnít. Part of my "UFO philosophy" is that there is Trickster energy inherent in UFOlogy and Forteana. Which means there will always be oppositions, ironies, contrasts, and strange juxtapositions. There will also always be -- always -- the refusal of the Infrastructure, or I should say, the inability of the infrastructure, to approach or embrace UFOlogy and Fortean things in an open way. So I donít put my energies there.

There may not be full disclosure or a mass landing, but there are lots of interesting books that are coming out. Mac Tonnies for one, who has an interesting theory he calls the CTH or crypto terrestrial hypothesis.Iím looking forward to reading his book. Another book Iím looking forward to reading is Stanton Friedmanís book, co-written with Kathleen F. Marden, who is Betty Hillís niece. The book is titled: An Insiderís Look at the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience. According to Stantonís post on UFO Updates, the book should be out in August of 2007.

There are also all the books that came out last year and that I received for Christmas this year: Nick Redfernís ON THE TRAIL OF THE SAUCER SPIES :UFOs and Government Surveillance and his Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story, also Colin Bennettís book on Adamski: Looking for Orthon.

The skeptic crusade to rid the world of woo is still afoot, and always will be. Itís one of those oppositional things; the innate Trickster energy (see Hansen) within UFOlogy and the paranormal. Nothing new there. Itís important, in my view, to address their silliness when the mood strikes, and itís equally important to call them on their stuff. At the same time, itís good to remember that you can get too immersed in their drama, instead of working on the real issues.

This year will prove to be exciting, not for disclosures or aliens on CNN, but for the vibrant energies and contributions of many in the field. And I think, I hope,that new voices will appear. Both in terms of researchers and commentators, as well as those whoíve encountered the anomalous.

Iím not making a list of resolutions or predictions, but I did make a list of wishes for UFOlogy for the New Year:

New theories, musings, ideas, hypothesis. Fresh, surprising, intriguing.

An end to the bickering among UFO resetters, witnesses, and commentators. Come on guys, knock it off. Really. We get enough of that from the skeptics and the posers.

Credit, or at least a nod, to where credit is due.

Fearlessness; share that weird, high strangeness, anomalous encounter with the rest of us, or your out there, off kilter theory. We need to hear it! Yes, let your freak flag fly!

Respect: treat the offerings of the above with care.

And at least one more UFO sighted by yours truly in my lifetime. A really big one. (Iím greedy, I know.) And, okay, a Bigfoot sighting of my very own. Why not?

For myself, I plan to keep on writing, exploring, and meeting highly interesting people. Iím fortunate, there are a lot of UFO authors, Bigfoot researchers and the like right here in my area (Lane County, Oregon) as well as elsewhere close by.

A great and interesting Happy New Year everyone!

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