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Invoking the Memory: Synchronicities of Retrieving Missing Time and Eagle Iconography

Jim and I had the amazing experience of being interviewed by Nancy and Bill Birnes on their Future Theater podcast this past weekend. An unexpectedly profound pleasure; I felt, as did Jim, that we'd known Nancy and Bill for years; it felt very easy and comfortable talking with them. Beyond that, our conversation was both on an authentic level, as well as cathartic in many ways.

Among the areas we explored was hypnotic regression in terms of uncovering buried memories of UFO encounters and missing time. Jim and I discussed our experiences with at least two episodes of missing time, as well as "dreams" that seemed to be, however ridiculous it may sound, real events that we convinced ourselves through the years were "dreams," dreams we've called dreams that have stayed with us for decades and stand out against the usual dream categories.

The UFO phenomenon consists of layers upon layers of memory. There are events that we've decided were dreams, because it's too unbelievable to accept that they literally happened in waking reality. There are dreams that were dreams, but clearly directly connected to a UFO experience (for example, my dreams of being paralyzed in blinding white beams of light after my sighting of an orange orb and missing time.) There are murky areas that exist in between waking life and sleep, between mundane reality and "just dreaming" (like my fuzzy puppet wolves shared experience.) Why do some "dreams," remain with us through the years, insist on standing out in our memories, and nag at us to keep looking at them?

One "dream" I had when very young has remained with me for more than fifty years. I wrote about this experience on my blog Saucer Sightings, and titled the piece The Open Ceiling and the Eagle. Very young, not more than five years old, on my back in bed, the room is exceedingly bright, adults, including my parents, standing in the doorway not being able to come into the room:

I feel both fantastic and a little disoriented. Lots of bright, bright lights; everything is lit up so white. I look up at the ceiling, and it opens up, opening from the center, two halves moving back to expose the nighttime sky, which is beautiful, full of inky blue and shimmering stars. I think this is a pretty neat trick. A giant eagle flies down from above; the eagle is so large, it fills the sky, fills the open ceiling. It comes down straight at me. I don't like this too much. I'm not exactly frightened, but it's not comfortable. The eagle takes me up into a silver disk type thing. That's all I remember...

I said during the interview that this year, I've been working with the intent to consciously remember all I can involving my UFO sightings, "dreams," and most especially, my missing time events. Through dream work, art, talking, conscious recall; finding alternative ways to discover what's been deeply parked at the bottom of my subconscious. Anything but hypnosis.

Synchronicity made its appearance last night; after the interview, I was seeing what I could see on-line, and found Jon Kelly's article Eagle as icon of missing time explored through ECETI UFO video and witness statements. You can imagine how I almost feel out of my chair when I saw that. The article offers alternatives to hypnosis as a way of uncovering memories about missing time, (like "mirror filters," exploring the twilight language of accounts, and a reverse speech method) and witness Talen Couey's experiences with eagles appearing during his drive to the 2010 Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference in Trout Lake, Washington. Kelly offers us a new approach at uncovering UFO experiences that include imagery, symbolism, Eastern philosophies and iconography, and "mirror filters"/reverse speech.

What I also found fascinating was Kelly's mention of the Garuda and its connections to anomalous experiences and the eagle meetings; which led me to consider Mothman. Mothman researcher, artist and writer Andrew Colvin (The Mothman's Photographer III: Meetings with Remarkable West Coast Witnesses Touched by Interdimensional Entities, Archetypal Avatars, and the Phenomenon Known Infamously as "Mothman", etec. ) mentions the Garuda and its relationship to Mothman. Those insights by Colvin inspired me to write about the previously mentioned "puppet wolves."

Hypnosis, UFO Memories, and the Astral Realm

What keeps me, and Jim, from exploring our UFO life via hypnosis is the uncertainty of that method. It's limited, it's tainted, it's a process used by people who, no matter how well intentioned, have no business using, and currently it's been downright scandalous. (Emma Woods/Prof. David Jacobs) We also have no way of knowing how much of our assumptions have colored what really happened. How "contaminated" are we by cultural messages? I'm not discounting the benefits of hypnosis under the correct conditions, but overall, in UFO World, it's shaky, at best.

Obviously, these experiences have been occurring on many levels: the astral, the literal (as with sightings, objects photographed, etc.) synchronicities, shared experiences -- the list goes on. Whether form outer space or another dimension/reality, or both, these beings are real, and they're here. They visit us in numerous ways, and it's clear they have been for thousands of years. I'm beyond the point of debating any of this anymore; it's a given. But within this obvious fact are manipulations: manipulations by 'them' as well as some of us. I do not discount the possibility that there are humans from shadow government entities to magickal adepts, that are also aware of this reality, and manipulate it as well as UFO witnesses --for their own agendas.

It is because of these manipulations, as well as the elusive and vague elements of UFO events, that we must keep sharing our stories, talking about them, talking through them, and exploring new ways to uncover what's hidden. We might be able to invoke the submerged through this combined process.