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"You Will Be Eradicated"

You've got to love the internet!

Now and then when I'm feeling ornery, I'll indulge myself and blog about Henry Makow. Makow, for those that don't know of him, is a stuck in the 1950s self-hating Jew misogynist homophobe who, no matter what the topic of any of one of his given articles always gets to the same points. Which are: non-Christian women and gays are commie Illuminati Satanists and their goal is to recruit the human race into their web of evil. Or something like that.

(Links to Makow's site and articles used to be prolifically posted at Rense.com -- another misogynist racist homophobe, in my opinion -- but they had a falling out. Oh, the scandal! So now if you're interested you need to go to Makow's site, which is titled in typical Makowinese, "Save the Males.com." )

About five years ago I had a blog titled Mating Hedgehogs. I discovered to my surprise it's till out there; it doesn't show up in my blogger thingie and I could have sworn I had deleted the blog. But, it's still on the intranets and so, someone just left a comment on a post I wrote in 2007 (!) about ol' Henry.

It doesn't matter what my post was about; you can read it here. What matters is the comment left by, of course, "Anonymous." Typical of these kinds of individuals: chicken liver- ed little buggers, not using their real names, or at least, bothering to pretend by using a name like, say, Theodore or something. Rambling with lousy punctuation, spelling and syntax. But what do I know? I'm just a dame.

Among my favorites from the comment. (I have not corrected misspellings, etc.)

(Speaking of women who've turned to crime) "...does make sense when they don't have that discipline that a man would provide."

"It's the jews who wish to destroy the common family values of the "goyim" ..."

His overall comparison of gays with murdering psychopaths.

More anti-Jewish hate filled comments, ending with this:

If you are in either one of those groups and continue on your current paths towards your own agenda do not be surprised when everyone else in the world decides to do this planet a favour by eradicating all of you.

Sunday, July 22, 2012 7:09 PM

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Henry Makow: Lunatic":

Coming from a mans point of view i totally agree with Verlch. Women are putting career first then when the biological clock gets near its end so to speak women are then deciding they want kids before its too late. In most cases going to sperm donour clinics to achieve it and having a child without a male role model. Did not know it was 85% of them turning to crime but does make sense when they dont have that discipline that a man would provide. If they wish to have a career that can be achieved later in life where as having children can not be. It is also causing problems for men finding work because naturally if women are working too then less jobs are available. Also because of this now accepted attitude towards work renting a house has basically doubled in price becuase they now expect both the woman and man to be working. This is being pushed on society as is views that being gay is right. Its the jews who wish to destroy the common family values of the "goyim" that are doing this. If you dont see that you are just brainwashed by their BS as well. Being gay is not right nor is gays being married. Yet another thing being pushed into society only to try and destroy the church's values in that case. Gays are the way they are becuase they say its how they think. Does that make it right? No it doesnt. If it did then how is the thinking of a psychopath with no remorse of those he kills different? Thats the way he or she thinks and they see nothing wrong but it doesnt make it right. These gays are also being aloud to use surrogate parents and artificial means of having children which only spreads those flawed genes further. If it continues the number of gays and other ppl with mental problems can spread their genes more then was possible before such methods. Thus ruining society even more but the jews do not care because they stick to their beliefs and themselves do not generally mix with anyone outside their religion because to them we are "goyim". Remember that always. Just as to most muslims any other ppl not in their religion are infedels and are considered not worthy to live. Both religions are going to bring about more destruction on this planet. Why do you think the Jews are systematically trying to kill them? They know they are as one sided on their views as the jewish ppl are so will be their main opposition as both sides will not think differently of the rest of mankind. Somehow thinking themselves more worthy to live on this planet. Both Jews and muslims should stop their self righteous beliefs unless it is total chaos in this world that they truly desire. That is where it will lead because Jews are Jews by birth and muslims will not tollerate anyone not being muslim. So everyone else in the world will have no choice but to fight for their right to live. If you are in either one of those groups and continue on your current paths towards your own agenda do not be surprised when everyone else in the world decides to do this planet a favour by eradicating all of you. Wish it would not come to that but may be left no choice.