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Two Family Ghost Stories

My Mother’s Ghost Story:

My mother, a retired R.N., had a ghostly encounter while working in a Los Angles hospital Many of the nurses, particularity the Filipino nurses, refused to go into the locker room by themselves or spend any more time than they had to in there. They insisted that section was haunted by negative entities. Several of the nurses had seen apparitions and heard voices. Many said they felt someone tugging at them or hitting them when they were alone in the room. My mother didn’t believe them or disbelieve them; she just hadn’t experienced anything herself. Until one evening. . .

The room has a few cots that nurses used to take naps in between shifts. One evening, my mother was resting on one of these cots. She was alone.

She had been sleeping, but woke up abruptly because, as my mother put it, “Someone had slapped me in the face; patted me hard on the face a few times.” Thinking it was one of the nurses trying to wake her up, she was surprised to find no one there. There wasn’t any way someone could have come in, attempted to wake her then leave before my mother woke up. Then she felt tugging on her shoulder, and someone poking her. The room became very cold, including the cot she was on, and she felt a cold breath on her neck and face, as if someone was breathing on her. My mother told me she felt very uncomfortable; sad and scared at the same time. Feeling very uneasy, she left the room in a hurry.

Later, my mother found out a little of the history of the hospital. It had been renovated a few years previously, and the nurses staff room was once the ICU (intensive care unit.) This was the place where patents stayed as they recovered from their operations and the effects of anesthesia. A lot of energy was stored in that room; pain, healing, fear, anxieties and at times, death.

After my mother’s experience in that room, she never liked going in there by herself, or spending any more time than necessary if she was alone.

Sister’s Story: The Lady in the Mirror

Years ago one of my sisters -- “Heather” -- and I were roommates. The house was creepy in many ways; all over dismal vibes. Strange additions here and there, just a weird house. But it was right in the middle of West Hollywood and cheap. All of us felt strange things while living there. My cat, who was an indoor cat and followed like a dog, absolutely refused to go into this one little room that was an addition to the house. It was always cold in that room, and I never liked it in there, but it was our home office. That cat would sit right on the threshold and yowl nonstop whenever I was in there. Los of very weird feelings and things in that house, though I myself never saw anything otherworldly. The closet I came to seeing an apparition in that house was smelling the scent of lavender and roses on occasion. My sister, however, also very sensitive to these things, did see something.

In fact, she saw the apparition of a woman in her seventies or eighties, dressed in blue-purple clothing, a few times, and always in the bathroom mirror. The scent of flowers often accompanied the apparitions. The figure didn’t seem to communicate anything, just appear, and only in the bathroom. Heather would turn around, thinking someone was behind her but of course, no one was there.

The house seemed to attract negative energies. Many other strange things happened in that house that I’ll write about another time.