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Spirals, Triangles, Tricksters

More spiral "ufos" in the news. Recently we saw the odd 'spiral -hoax -that- wasn't- a -hoax -or- was -it?' from Canada. And now this news from Australia, of a spiral seen in the skies, as reported from Phantoms and Monsters, which includes a YouTube clip of the spiral. Not as magnificent as the blue Norway spiral, but it's still interesting.

Seemingly, the spiral madness began in Norway in December of 2009. (Though, as we'll see, the phenomenon can be traced back to the 2006 Tomsk, Russian spiral.) A wonderful blue spiral display appeared in the Norway skies. It was a UFO, a sign,the Northern Lights, HAARP, a missile. Trickster flash: it appeared one day before President Obama's acceptance of the Nobel Peace prize in Oslo.

Then in Western Canada, a spiral appeared in the skies, along with a loud sonic boom, just a few days ago. Kevin Martin, who took the film footage, came out a day or two later and said it was a hoax. The reporter who posted it on Space Weather News was fired, and the article about the spiral has been removed from that site. Trickster flash: as I was waiting for the page to load, I caught of glimpse of a comment left at the spiral article, remarking that they too had heard the same loud boom. Questions fly; was that person lying, or did he/she really hear a loud boom the same night? If the latter, was it related to the spiral -- which didn't exist and was a hoax?

Further maddening Trickster interference: hoaxer Kevin Martin, who came out and said the spiral was just basically photoshoped stuff, then came out and said the hoax was a hoax, that he really did photograph a spiral, but he was threatened and told to cover-up his story by sinister men in black types, who told him to "keep quiet" about the spiral. (That link is still active on the Weather Space site.)

Here's an interview from May 25th with Kevin Martin, acknowledging the hoax. Er, the spiral as a hoax, not the hoax as a hoax. Note the jaunty MIB-like hat Martin is wearing. Hmmm... Wait, there's more Trickster afoot; the link is live, but the YouTube clip of the interview has been "removed by the author."

Norway had their blue spiral in December; also in December of 2009, China had a spiral appear in their skies. (Video clip is in Chinese.)

Three years ago, this spiral appeared in Tomksk, Russia, as the following clip shows:

In all cases, the movement and shape of these lights are more similar than not. They seem to start off the same, move in a spiral like direction, and sometimes, as with the blue Norway spiral, create an elaborate spiral design. Sometimes the spirals, (from what one can tell from looking at video clips and not being there for the real thing) are blue or have a blue cast, sometimes they appear white.

Some of the explanations offered for the spirals:

  • Hoax
  • Missiles
  • Wormholes (ET entering our world from outer space)
  • Northern Lights
  • Project Blue Beam (staged human created event for social engineering/warfare purposes)
  • UFOs (true unknowns)

The spirals have been appearing since at least 2006. They've appeared in Russia, China, Australia, Mexico, and supposedly, possibly, Canada. We don't know what they are, no one's talking. Well, except our hoaxer Kevin Martin. I see a slight comparison here to the black triangles, in this way: both appear in the skies of earth, have seemingly mundane explanations (classified military or industrial craft, black ops, etc.) but then again, behave very strangely, no one's talking, and it's been going on for a long time globally.

If the spirals, (as well as the triangles) are military/industrial, human made objects, there is still a lot of mystery here. What are they, why are they appearing all over the place, what is their purpose, why the secrecy? The objects seem immune to civilian reactions -- or is that part of their intent? Either that, or they just don't care. Which brings up another question: if they don't care, shouldn't we, as tax payers and citizens (er, cogs in the wheel) be concerned about this level of arrogance?

A strange numbing takes place in subtle ways; we see weird things up there, spirals, sometimes triangles, less often unusual UFOs are reported by CNN and other mainstream media. The fact of the 'Odd Thing No One Knows What It Is' is acknowledged; the whys and whats are not questioned. We look up, shrug, and move on. We tell ourselves it's "just" military stuff, as if that's a satisfactory explanation.