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Mini Shadow Person?

There are variations on types and strengths of hauntings. I believe that much of the time, mild residual energy can be felt by sensitives. In our case, when we first moved into our home, we felt this kind of mild yet specific residual energy. Some of it was from the previous owner, who was still living. So technically we can't call that a ghost, I don't suppose. Other energies were of a more ghostly nature. After a few years, these energies faded away. Every now and again something happens in our home that reminds me something has been stirred up, or, for whatever reason, has chosen to be active. Objects moved, weird little things. Overall though, I wouldn't say this house is haunted.

Besides the haunted energy of a decidedly human nature, are the stranger and definitely non-human presences felt in this house. One has been the distinct awareness of a highly intelligent entity “listening in” on our conversation concerning UFOs and alien beings. This was felt by all of us in the room. Another incident concerns what I call a “mini shadow person.”

I was asleep on the day bed in the living room. Something woke me up, some kind of sound. I felt a very negative vibe, a really unpleasant emotion. It was dark in the living room of course but I could see well enough to walk about and not stub my toe, for example. I saw something move around the mantle piece. My first fleeting thought ws that it was one of the cats, but that didn't make sense. While I did hear a noise, the cat would have made a much louder noise. And this shape was much smaller than a cat. (And anyway, our cats simply wouldn't have been up there!)

I saw a black -- much darker than the surrounding dimness of the room -- shape in profile. It was about ten to twelve inches long. It was dashing across the mantle and up into the wall. It would be easy to say it was an animal of some kind, maybe a bird or something. But this thing didn't have substance -- it didn't have weight or mass. And it was moving about in the air - not with wings, but of its own volition. It was almost paper thin, temporarily solid but I had the feeling it wasn't going to last long. Like black smoke that had formed into a shape for a short time. It was intelligent. I didn't get a good feeling from this thing at all.

It seemed aware of me being awake and watching it and it didn't like that it had been seen. It was trying to get out the room, get back to where it came from. (I entered a small sketch of the thing in my journal.)

I have no idea what it was. Could this be called a type of shadow person, or was it something else?