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A New Imagery of Insects

Lately I've been having interesting dreams and "visions," -- though I hesitate to use that word -- of insectoid entities. These are connected to different intelligences, astral traveling, dreams, trance states, psychic communications. Put another way, the imagery of these insectoid entities seem to want to communicate something to me. It's my new personal mythos.


It seemed to have started years ago with a "vision" -- not a dream. I was awake. I was having a lot of intense psychic experiences, visitations during meditation, and UFO experiences at that time. I was working with animal imagery and divination cards. The ant came up, which, according to one system, stands for patience. I was annoyed that Ant came into my life; I don't like ants, I don't like bugs. One morning a day or two after this, I look at my bedside table and there is a large ant slowly walking around, over my books, my clock... by large I mean about either or nine inches. The ant was real, but not solid; it had a hologram type appearance to it. Surprisingly this Ant didn't frighten me. The very clear message that came from this highly intelligent Ant was that patience is the only thing I really needed to work on in my life, like it or not. Nothing was going to go right until I got that. And I realized at that moment Ant was right.

Another Ant connection

I came across a watercolor my husband Jim did many years ago (shown here.) As I've posted on my blog (Orange Orb, Saucer Sightings,) I felt the painting was interesting, reminding me of an alien. The image "just screamed alien and spaceship" as I remember telling him. I have the impression the ant is female, very large, "alien," and is holding something, some sort of tablet. Jim looked at it and said he saw what I meant. I reminded Jim of all the giant insect alien stories; usually praying mantis type creatures, or giant grasshopper type beings some speak about in connection with UFO encounters. After he looked at it he said it reminded him of a female being as well; probably because of the way it's sitting and the long robe or whatever it is it/she is wearing. It was at that time that Jim and I were experiencing a lot of unusual UFO events, including an episode of missing time. I had my "Geisha Woman Alien" dream during that time frame.

Grasshopper Canyon

This appeared on my Orange Orb blog a few days ago:

A few nights ago I had the following "dream" about grasshoppers.

I was drifting off to sleep, still awake, in that warm delicious place between wake and sleep, when what I call the slide show started. Often when I'm in this mild trance like kind of state, images start to flood my mind; one after the other, vivid, intricate images like moving postcards, but they don't last for more than few seconds. They're almost unrelated to each other, and, almost always unrelated to me. The images are usually of people in various settings and places. Global. It's as if I'm watching a TV screen gone crazy; a scene here, then, gone! Flash forward to another, and another. Sometimes this scares me a little because I don't know what these people and places have to do with me; it's as if I've wandered into someone else's dream, or head. Often I hear voices; but don't really catch anything, because it's all so fast, and a lot of the time it's even in another language. Once in awhile things slow down a bit and it seems as if I can stay, wander around, figure this thing out, but I'm whooshed off again.

It's very startling when, on occasion, one of the people in a scene will see me and look right at me; we're both equally started. Neither one of us expected to be there. Once in awhile they seem pissed off that I've intruded. And, occasionally, these scenes aren't so mundane, they take on a more paranormal or high strangeness aspect. (Like my flying over rocks and ocean and meeting up with a Sasquatch. . .)

Oregon author and psychic Nahu had interesting things to say to me about these experiences; that they're just typical psychic tapping into the grid. That's not how he put it; he said it more eloquently than that! He advised me to just let it be and go with it. I usually do but sometimes it's a bit scary and unnerving.

Not as often as I'd like but it's during these times that I'll have an OOBE; the scenes fade out and are replaced by rushing, roaring sounds, chimes, even singing, and I leave my body.

I was half listening to Coast to Coast. Steve Quale was the guest; he was talking about giants in the Grand Canyon, hidden history and artifacts. I wasn't paying much attention because of distractions in the house and I was ready to turn it off to go to sleep, just waiting for things to settle down in the house. I had just turned off the radio and immediately fell into that in between place, and I "fell" into a very deep and narrow canyon. And all around me were giant grasshoppers. By giant I mean ten feet tall. They were in a light sleep, or dormant state, in the rocks, the walls, of the canyon, and barely visible. They were well hidden and yet pale, almost translucent. They were a pale white, with a very slight green tinge, just a hint of color. I didn't like it here one bit; the giant grasshoppers were bad enough, but the canyon itself was spooky. The canyon, the physical place itself of rock and earth and water, was a living, intelligent, cognizant entity, and as alien as any outer space being. (Or maybe we were/are the "aliens" on this earth.) Then I had the awareness that there's something about the physical geography of canyons that make them generators, or conduits, for alien (both terra and extraterrestrial) entities. My mind then went to the canyon where the Bales brothers saw the giant triangle in Idaho. I'd never been to that location - never been to Idaho -- but somewhere, I was there. And it was as spooky as the grasshoppers, for the canyon itself was a living, breathing entity ancient and aware.

Like the deserts, where many mystical experiences occur, as well as the flying saucer related experiences of the Contactees, the land itself seems to be an active participant in UFO/craft and alien encounters.

I think I'm going somewhere with all this but not sure where yet.

The Antennae Behind the Orb

And just last night, I had a powerful dream involving a recurring symbol, wolves, and white wolf in particular, and a glass orb or crystal ball: (The entire dream is posted here.)

And while I'm signing, there is a crystal ball sitting on the ground near me. It's mine. But it isn't a crystal ball; not for the purpose of "fortune telling," it has another purpose. It's in dormant mode now. It's "off." I'm It's mine. But it isn't a crystal ball; not for the purpose of "fortune telling," it has another purpose. It's in dormant mode now. It's "off." I'm not sure what it's for, just that it's part of what I'm doing here. The glass of the orb is dull in this mode, it's like a light bulb that isn't turned on; opaque.

I wake up, holding onto the dream. Once again I have had a dream about wolves, and White Wolf in particular. Jim and I are awake, just talking about our plans for the day, my eyes are closed, and one of the slide - show mind postcards shoots into my mind's eye. I see a brilliant, glowing from within orb, white. Someone, something, is holding the orb up in front of its face, and behind the orb, are two long antennae. The creature holding the orb is some kind of sentient insectoid being. I can't see its face, the orb is covering it. This being seems familiar but I don't know from where, or anything more. . .

The intensity of the "vision" startled me, though it didn't scare me. It wasn't until later this morning I made the connection between the dormant orb in my dream and the orb held up by the faceless insect.


Ant came to me, in its holographic state, to remind me in vivid terms to be patient. Not paying attention to what I was nonetheless actively working away at (divination, symbols, meditation, etc.) I wasn't serious enough, or going deep enough. I wanted it now. I didn't think this consciously, but clearly "they" were aware of my level. Another insectioid being returns an orb (a physical object, not a spirit type orb) to me outside of my dream, to remind me not to forget. Pay attention, this antenaed being seems to say, here it is, take it.

So I've decided to take it. I don't know what it is, who they are, or what this means, but it seems clear this is a new path to explore.