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Ghost Energies

I'm a fan of ghost shows. Not all of them -- Ghost Hunters has always irritated me, but, that's just me. At first I was mildly amused by Ghost Adventures, then became quickly annoyed (how many times can a person say "Dude?" ) but I kept watching the program anyway. Now it's one of my favorite ghost hunting shows. Paranormal State has a consistently gloomy tone and I don't share their religious perspective but there's something about the show I like in spite of those things. I'm a fan of Celebrity Ghost Stories and True Ghost Stories; one of the things I like about those two shows is the fact they have witnesses telling their stories in their own words. No debunkers or skeptics or debate.

Of course, I've had several of my own ghost encounters. I believe ghosts exist, that's not up for debate. Like the topic of UFOs, I simply don't waste my time anymore arguing with skeptics. I did not misinterpret the signs of a coming migraine as a huge forming mass of ectoplasm for example. What that ectoplasm was, now that's a good question. What was it, in terms of the paranormal? A spirit, a ghost, a non-human intelligence? Even an alien? (A subject I'm interested in: the intersection of ghostly phenomena and alien or ET encounters.)

Other ghostly events: voices, EVPs, manifestations, objects being moved... if these are intelligent spirits, where are they? If attached to a location, what are these spirits doing when humans aren't around? Does the presence of humans wake up the spirits? Are the spirits dormant, until humans arrive on the scene? Are the spirits in a suspended state until we attempt to interact with them? Where are these ghosts, where do they "live" and are they aware of each other?

Ghost experts tell us there are many types of hauntings and ghosts. From emotional imprints to active intelligent spirits. I've experienced intelligent, interactive spirits, I've also experienced the residue, the imprint of emotion left by previous inhabitants. Actively present or imprints from long ago, I always had the impression these energies were not only once human, but still human on some level.

What of other types of spirit energies? Voices that speak but tell us they're "demons" -- are they simply messing with us, or are they what they say there are?

I have witnessed voices, manifestations, orbs, and objects moved. Heard sounds (knocks, bangs, etc.) and felt intense cold as well as heat while in haunted locations. I knew during those experiences two things: the experiences were real (of a ghostly origin) and there was a human element. Most of these experiences were benign, but one was very unpleasant. Unhappy and intent on being unwholesome. While creepy and not to be trusted, it was still human in origin. Not a "demon" or some other non-human creature.

However, one incident pretty much literally flipped me out. In a cemetery at night, alone, which was a very stupid thing to do for a number of reasons which should be obvious. I knew the location was a notoriously haunted location, and had been there in the day (with some creepy feelings, felt by others as well as myself.) Why I decided to drive through at night I really have no idea. But I did.

As I came to a stop about the middle of the cemetery, I suddenly felt overwhelmed with negative energies. I didn't see or hear anything, but the feelings were horrible. I felt -- I could "see" the energy even though I couldn't literally see anything, if that makes sense -- as if hundreds of beings were descending on me. It was all so negative, so angry and hateful. This anger and harm was directed towards me, towards anything or one that was in the way. I was being attacked.

I had the sense many of these things were once human but no longer, others were not human at all, and some were -- but all of them seemed to join together to let their anger and frustration known to whoever entered their territory. I was so disoriented that for a few moments I couldn't figure out how to do something simple like drive the car out of there. The moment I drove off the cemetery grounds and onto the street I was much better. As if nothing had happened at all. It was like I had walked (or drove) into a vortex of some kind.

Ghost investigators have their own theories about what ghosts are, and the different categories of spirits and hauntings. Like UFOs and aliens, theories abound. I'm not an expert on those things. I don't know why sometimes I am "hit" with the ghostly energy of a place, and other times I don't feel anything, or very little, in haunted locations. (Does this mean ghosts can choose who they want to see them? I frequent a haunted place where others have experienced things, but so far, I have not. Why haven't I -- it's not for lack of "belief" or trying. There might be a clue in that.)

I don't have answers or much official ghost hunter knowledge about the specifics, but i know what we loosely call "ghosts" exist!