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Monster Quest's Flatwoods Episode
and Joe Nickell's Infamous Owl Theory

The Monster Quest episode about the Flatwoods Monster (History Channel: 'Lizard Monster'; 3/10) was dismal, though Flatwoods researcher Frank Feschino is more forgiving than I am, and he's the one that was involved in the program. Still, it annoyed me, as many Monster Quest episodes have recently. When it comes to the truly anomalous and weird, bordering on the paranormal, MQ runs. (See my post on Mothman Flutterings about this topic.) In fact, they seem to intentionally go out of their way to obstufacate things. Bringing in the Star Child skull and devoting half the program to it while supposedly investigating the Flatwoods Monster only muddled things. The Flatwoods story could easily take up several episodes on its own without restorting to claims that an unusual skull is proof of an alien.

For a perspective from another researcher who appeared on the same episode, though for only a brief moment and that as a visual (way to go there MQ) read Alfred Lehmberg's review of the show as well as his review of the Paratopia interview with Frank Feschino For the real story of the Flatwoods event, listen to Jeremy Vaeni's and Jeff Ritzman's Paratopia interview with author Frank Feschino, who gives detailed information about the Flatwoods event. I'm not sure if the Flatwoods creature was a true alien, although the reptilian features (now how is that even close to an owl face?) is an interesting angle considering the decade (1952) and context (UFOs, etc.) My personal opinion -- or speculation, and an armchair one at that -- is that the Flatwoods Monster was some sort of military experiment.

Which, if true, is just as interesting, and even more frightening in some ways, than actual aliens. For if the Flatwoods Monster was our doing, and not some entity from outer space, what the hell were we doing, playing around with dangerous machines that sickened people? Why was the government out in the middle of nowhere, experimenting on its own citizens? People were sickened from the gas fumes the "monster"put out, -- in fact, many witnesses developed cancer, so many that it was statistically suspicious -- and children were frightened out of their minds. If our government was responsible for the Flatwoods Monster event, an entire population was used -- abused -- and then ignored, by our own government. This, if true, deserves serious investigation.

The facts of the case simply do not support the seemingly "rational" explanation of meteors, comets, crashed planes, or owls.

As with other weird, just plain anomalous cases, there are those who insist on an explanation and approach these cases with a combative attitude. It's a war; an either/or dichotomy. Either it's an alien from outer space, or something rational, something mundane, like an owl. For the uber skeptoid debunker, of which Joe Nickell is one, there is no mystery, and no allowing for the acceptance of the idea that there is no rational explanation.

It is horribly irrational to truly believe that witnesses saw an owl, or even, as some skeptics concede, a crashed military object of some kind, after studying the case. The owl explanation satisfies the classist agenda, the acknowledgment of a military object --without further questioning, -- serves the blind patriotism and naivety that has some believe our government wouldn't do such things to its citizens.

I don't know if Monster Quest is just chicken, trying to appeal to all audiences, is shilling for the CIA or what, but they have no idea what they're doing when it comes to the truly anomalous stuff.

And bringing in skeptics like Joe Nickell doesn't provide balance and fairness, as some like to argue in support of having debunkers on these kinds of shows. It only distracts.

So, what did happen at Flatwoods? Something very weird and -- my intuition nags at me, as with Mothman -- something almost very wrong. Alien from space, interdimensional whatever, fairy, even classified military object and/or experiment, it demands investigation, and answers. And possibly, an accounting from those responsible.


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