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Regan's Blog : The Orange Orb

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Sinister Orbs?

Decades ago, I saw a large lit from within orange colored orb shaped craft. Not an orb as in "spirit orb" which are different things, but the object I saw was a solid machine of some sort. About the size of a large basketball, the orb followed us as we drove along the highway at night. What happened before that sighting that night -- where we were coming from, and why, or anything about that day and evening -- I have no idea. I don't recall.

The sighting was vivid and weird in both its appearance and behavior, (missing time, telepathic communications, paralyzing dreams of beams of light from above...) that I became obsessed with finding out what it was that I saw. There must be a logical explanation! I told myself. In no book did I find any description that came close to what I saw.

Years passed and my interest in all things Fortean and paranormal, including UFOs, increased. But I rarely if ever came across orange orb sightings.

That's changed now. For the past few years (I guesstimate) reports of orange orbs have been coming in from all over the world. Sometimes the orbs are dismissed as being lanterns, or the usual case of mistaken identity. Sometimes the explanation for the orbs were lanterns or some other mundane reason, but it was clear, and still is clear, orange orbs are afoot.

Sometimes the orbs are much smaller than the one I saw, and other than shape and color, don't share much in way of my experience. Other times there are similarities.

What are they? What's their intent? Many have reported negative experiences while encountering these orbs. The other day I was contacted by someone living in the western U.S. who has had ongoing contact with three orange orbs. This person insists on anonymity, does not want to talk about to anyone on-line (forums, etc.) but most of all, feels positive the orbs are up to no good. At. All. Why did this person contact me? At first I thought he might be a troll, but at this point, I don't think so. Always a possibility of course. But if this person was looking for answers, or at least support, the reasons for contacting me make sense. Of course, I have no answers.

I hear from people who've seen these orbs. I've heard from witnesses in Australia, England, all over the U.S. The orbs are orange, vary in size, and appear to either be intelligent entities of themselves, or controlled by an intelligence. In my case, I got the distinct feeling the orb itself was intelligent, containing within it a definite cognizance.

Was my orb "evil?" We did experience missing time, we're still, after all these years, working on the puzzle and finding new pieces. There were terrifying dreams that followed. There was a most specific psychic communication between the orb and myself. And when I went to the telephone to phone someone -- police, airport, I really didn't know -- something literally kept my hand from dialing. I then tried to walk out the door to follow the orb -- it had stopped as we turned the corner to our house and then dropped down into a backyard across the way -- but, even though I had my hand on the door, and wanted to go outside, I found that I couldn't.

Excitement and elation were fighting within me with anxiety and an awareness something wasn't right.

Are the orange orbs sinister? Like it or not -- we know a lot of Exo-politics and disclosure folks are in denial -- some UFO events are negative. Personally, I am fed up with spiritual bullies -- those who insist that it's only because of the individual's block that keeps her from truly seeing the beauty of UFOs -- while there may be a bit of truth in there in some cases, to self-righteously put forth these platitudes ignores the reality.

UFOs vary. If it's anything we know, we know that. We know they are contradictory, appear in different sizes, shapes and color, appear clinically machine like, or disgorge strange entities. UFOs have chased people, taken them aboard, pulled humans from their cars and beds, examined us, shown us hybrid babies, appeared in rooms...

Sometimes they're benign, sometimes they clearly are not, and sometimes they just are. We can't presume to judge someone else's experience as the right one.