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Mom on Mothman

It's late at night, I hear the ocean rumbling outside the bedroom window. I'm visiting my eighty-four year old mother who lives on the coast. We just had an interesting conversation about Mothman.

I brought along Andrew Colvin's new book Mothman Speaks to show mom; (hey mom, I'm quoted on the back of the book and inside!) and she asks me a series of questions about Mothman: just who is he, or what is it, isn't it a series on TV, -- "no mom" -- "Oh, that must have been something else."

I tell her what I can about Mothman, including Colvin's relationship with Mothman and his research, his spiritual or philosophical views on Buddhism and Eastern beliefs, which my mother shares in some ways. I tell her of my own interest in Mothman, even though I've never had a Mothman sighting of my own.

I share with her the story of my psychic -electrical episode while watching psychic Chip Coffey on Paranormal State;(I had predicted out loud to others in the room what Coffey was going to say before he said it, and that the Mothman entity was present in the room with them. I felt a strong surge of electrical energy go through my body during that time; what was interesting was that what I was watching on TV that night had already been filmed and yet, the "Mothy vibe" was distinct and present in real time.) Mom, by the way, accepted all that as perfectly normal.

After thinking over what I've told her, she asks me, referring to the overall supernatural and strange history of Mothman territory in the Point Pleasant, West Virginia area as well as Ohio if it's possible Mothman is a creation or expression of those energies "embodied within a humanoid or angelic form?"

She found the connections of corporations and the overall military -industrial complex presence in the area interesting, and agreed with me that the military is aware of the energies in the area (as they are elsewhere, Utah's "Skinwalker ranch," being one example) and "manipulates such energies for their own nefarious ends" I said.

Mom: "Well, first of all, 'military intelligence' is an oxymoron. They'll never succeed in capturing or controlling such things like this Mothman, because it's much smarter than they are. They'll keep trying though, they're arrogant and stubborn enough, but they'll never get anywhere. They think they've gotten somewhere, these things [meaning Mothman, UFOs and other high strangeness things in general] throw them crumbs now and then, but they'll never catch anything."

Later, I found her reading the book. She said to me, as I was walking through the living room, "A very interesting book."

Definitely that.

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