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Women From Venus

Contactee Dana Howard had several encounters with Diane, an entity who told Dana she came from Venus. Howard wasn't the only Contactee whose space visitor said came from Venus; many of the contactees said the Space Brothers and Sisters they encountered were from Venus. Sometimes the space beings said they were from Mars, or outside our solar system, but Venus seems to be the dominant place of origin for these space visitors.

The Contactees were human and mortal who just happened to meet with aliens. Each individual account varies in many ways, yet most share some similarities as well. A typical Contactee encounter took place between human and alien who was often, but not always, Venusian. Contactees were invited into space ships, taken for rides to other worlds, given lessons and information on coming changes for earth and humanity, metaphysics and the like. But there were some Venusian encounters of a different kind.

These Venusians had a different way of going about things. Instead of meeting human contacts out in the deserts or woods, they took another approach. "Omnec Onec" was a Venusian who "walked in" or took over, the human body of Sheila, a seven year old girl who had died in a bus accident. The book, UFO: From Venus I Came, relates the story of this human/Venusian "Contactee." The following explains how Omnec came to inhabit her human body:

Her uncle and the crew [the Venusians] who brought her here introduced her into a Tennessee family who had just lost their own 7 year old daughter, Sheila, in a terrible bus accident enroute to her grandmother's home to go to school. The grandmother, having seen little of the granddaughter, was not aware of the substitution, and sent the Venusian to school as her own kin. Years later Sheila's adopted mother was made aware of the substitution by the Venusian uncle, who explained everything to her, and she agreed to raise Onmec Onec in place of her own daughter Sheila.

Although Omnec had the appearance of a 7 year old girl she had the Venusian wisdom and knowledge of her 210 Earth-year equivalent at the time of her arrival here in 1955. This enabled her brilliance in school and she excelled in almost everything, which she tried to conceal so as to protect her real identity.

Another Venusian visitor was "Christina." Christina "manifested her own body" for purposes of her time on earth. Her hands were oddly shaped, a bit like flippers, or "flames in a candle." I was an Extraterrestrial 'Walk In' from Venus! relates her story. Like Omnec, Christina was brought up inside the human body of an earth child. The book explains how, on Venus, thought creates reality and concrete objects:

The world on Venus is quite different than ours. All is created by thought, unlike here on earth where we must physically create our reality. Once our mind believes that we can acquire what we want, the objects manifest through what appears to be physical effort, when in fact, the desired object was acquired by mental belief only. On Venus, the people there bypass that step, and acquire everything using only thought.

In Contactee Dana Howard's book Over the Threshold, Diane, the Venusian, tells Dana the same thing during one of many meetings in the California desert:

"...thought is the tool that molds substance into form. . .

According to Diane, the process of manifesting reality from thought is difficult for both humans and Venusians. Christina the walk-in Venusian said how hard it was for her to do this on earth:

"The hardest thing was to adjust to my physical body" says Christian. "The reality was not available to me by just thought as it was on Venus."

Interesting similarities, once again, among the messages given to those human Contactees by other intelligences. The question is, just what are those other intelligences? Do we take these visitation literally? Or dismiss them as crazy stories of mentally unbalanced individuals? I refuse to do either. And I'm less inclined to take the latter as literally true (that they're all just crazy) as I am the literal (hell, who knows, maybe they do come from Venus.)

But from a true folkloric/Fortean perspective, an observer of the anomalous -- and experiencer of UFO high strangeness myself -- the fascination with Contactees isn't an either or question. In some ways it doesn't matter if these stories are true or not. On one level, I approach these stories as literature; or myth, which is not to say they are fiction. Exploring these encounters and all their symbolism, connections, threads - in other words, going down the rabbit hole -- is enough for now.


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