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Dogs: The Latest in High Tech Para-tainment

Animals react to the strange in their own eerie ways. UFO lore, ghost tales and Bigfoot stories are full of examples of how their animals, mainly dogs, reacted to "something." Something usually unseen by the human witness. Barking wildly at something out there. Or, cowering under the bed. Cats hiss and flee, sometimes the family dog takes off and is never seen again. Sometimes their bodies are found; tragic demise; from Sasquatch?

Dogs, cats and other animals alert us to something...something alien, something ghostly, something definitely weird. We watch and listen to the animals, waiting, wanting, hoping to see what they see. Often times we never do see what it is they're reacting to. We just know they are. We too often sense something is wrong, something is there, and heed the animals in our lives, listening to their anomalous responses to this ... something.

Recently, animals, mainly dogs, have been used in para-tainment to "hunt" for ghosts, for Sasquatch. Haunted Collector used a dog to help them seek ghosts. I found this disturbing for a few reasons; I blogged about this on Ecto-Ville. One, the context of this particular haunting involved a history of dog fighting torture. Subjecting a dog to that energy is cruel. And, usually dogs react adversely to ghostly energies. How accurate a response can be expected from an animal in that context?

Now, some Bigfoot investigators want to use dogs in their search for the being. Finding Bigfoot has already used a dog in their search, more plans are in the works, as reported by Bigfoot Lunch Club:Bigfoot News | Bigfoot Lunch Club: Finding Bigfoot to use Dogs to Find Bigfoot in East Texas. From the news article at Bigfoot Lunch Club's post:

Animal et's "Finding Bigfoot" seeks Bigfoot in East Texas woods


Bigfoot could be alive and well in East Texas and some enthusiasts are going to try to find him.

A crew from Animal Planet’s hit show, “Finding Bigfoot,” is slated to be in the Tyler area this weekend searching for the creature.

The show’s team and producers will join a group from Universal K-9, a national trainer and supplier of drug, protection and weapons dogs, to search for the creature.

“If Bigfoot really exists, I can guarantee you our dogs will find him,” Brad Croft of Universal K-9 said, according to a news release.

Bigfoot lore has it that Bigfoot doesn't like dogs. Intuitively, it seems to me that if Bigfoot doesn't like dogs, that dog is in danger, no matter how well trained it may be. Training won't save a dog from a determined nine to ten foot creature that, presumably, has incredible strength. Or, the Bigfoot may simply choose to stay the hell away until the team leaves the area.

And then there's the issue of using dogs in the first place for this kind of thing. What gives us the right to do that? The greater good of finding a Sasquatch? Verifying your EVPs?

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