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Brown Pelicans and UFOs

Lots of bird omens and synchronicities; the owls are continuing to appear in various ways, and the eerie sky fall of birds in Beebe, Arkansas over New Year's eve and continuing on New Year's Day is surely a signal of something. (Estimated five thousand or more birds, mainly red winged black birds, fell from the sky in that small town; reasons are not yet known.) The holidays brought me my own bird connections; the following happened in late Novemeber.

Over Thanksgiving, I stood on the beach in Yachats on the Oregon coast and watched one lone brown pelican dive into the sea amidst hundreds of seagulls. At times the pelican seemed to be absolutely motionless; still, hanging in the air, then swooping down for fish. It was a wonderful sight, and a bit unusual, for I've seen pelicans before of course, but always hanging around amiably among fellow pelicans, sitting on piers and posts. This was different; wild and determined on a stormy day.

The pictures I took didn't turn out well; no clear image of a pelican. However, when I uploaded the photos I noticed a strange thing; a sharp object appeared in the sky, something we didn't notice while on the beach. It's pixalated, and hard to tell what it could be; camera glitch, or UFO/military-gov. object? It's just plain weird. The Oregon coast, and particularly around that area, has its share of UFO sightings and other paranormal weirdness. Just a few miles south of that beach, is Stonefield Beach, where all kinds of UFO, alien and supernatural stuff supposedly goes on. Unfortunately, when we drove down to take a look that Thanksgiving, the park entrance was closed. Which was odd, since others in the area were open.

Returning home, I discovered that November 25th is the Feast Day of St. Catherine Laboure, what I call a "Mary contactee," courtesy of the Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana. St. Catherine's body is incorrupt (has not decayed in any way) and is enclosed in a glass coffin in Paris, at one of the places Mary appeared to her.Catherine Laboure was born in France in 1806; her visions began in childhood, included precognitive dreams about apparitions, seeing balls of white light, etc. and was visited by Mary three times, as well as other entities. The Brown Pelican Society educates lay people about St. Catherine Laboure today.