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Fortean Bird Happenings Bring in the New Year -- Again

Who could forget the bird fall activity from last year? Towards the end of 2011, from about mid December through to the New Year, and continuing for a couple of months afterwards, we saw many stories of birds falling dead and dying from the skies. In a moment of synchronicity, I had been thinking a couple of weeks back about last year’s bird events when I came across this story of a bird fall in Utah on December 15th. This is what I had posted on my Animal Forteana blog:

Thousands of birds make crash landing in Utah - Yahoo! News

Thousands of grebes, flying in the Utah skies, fell to their deaths yesterday. Official explanation: the birds confused snow covered parking lots for water.

That may be. But the timing of this tragic event is odd, just about two weeks shy of the first of several mass bird falls- from-the-skies from last year. Hopefully this isn't the first in a series of bird falls.

Then Natural News came out with this item about the government’s admission that they poisoned birds to control populations:

Natural News brings us their top ten censored stories of 2011, including this one about the government's intentional eradication of birds and other animals: USDA found to be poisoning bird populations, causing mass die-offs involving millions of birds.

After hundreds of starlings were found dead in the Yankton Riverside Park, concerned citizens began to investigate. Before long, a USDA official called the local police and admitted they had poisoned the birds. "They say that they had poisoned the birds about ten miles south of Yankton and they were surprised they came to Yankton like they did and died in our park," says Yankton Animal Control Officer Lisa Brasel, as reported by KTIV (http://www.ktiv.com/Global/story.as...).

December 27 brought us this story of a mass bird death in Kentucky:

Over 30 Birds Mysteriously Die on Montgomery Co. Road | LEX18.com | Lexington, Kentucky

There's a bizarre scene in Montgomery County where dozens of birds are dead.

More than 30 birds are lying dead on Indian Mound Drive at the intersection of Grassy Lick Road in Mt. Sterling.

All the birds appear to be the same species, and seem to have died and landed at this spot all at once.

No word yet about what caused their death.

The strange sight was first spotted on Christmas morning by people who live nearby.

And on the 15th of this month, this mass bird death event in Utah. As I commented in that post, it was close to this time last year we saw many mass bird falls; are we about to witness more of these in the next month or so?

Fortean coincidences: birds fall from trees on New Year's in the south, specifically, Beebe, Arkansas, which is where the bird falls happened last New Year's, in the very same, and small, town of Beebe:Dead Blackbirds Fall Again in Ark. Town - ABC News From ABC News:

Thousands of dead blackbirds rained down on a town in central Arkansas last New Year's Eve after revelers set off fireworks that spooked them from their roost, and officials were reporting a similar occurrence Saturday as 2012 approached.

Police in Beebe said dozens of blackbirds had fallen dead, prompting officers to ban residents from shooting fireworks Saturday night. It wasn't immediately clear if fireworks were again to blame, but authorities weren't taking a chance.

Officer John Weeks said the first reports of "birds on the streets" came around 7 p.m. as residents celebrated the year's end with fireworks in their neighborhoods.

"We started shutting down fireworks," he said. "We're working on cleaning up the birds now."

The Huffington Post had a short AP item on the story.And here's pretty much the same item from Beebe, Arkansas, but with video.See the Bird Falls tab on my Animal Forteana blog for a list of bird falls and die-offs.)

Last New Year's, birds fell to their deaths in Beebe, Arkansas. Very quickly reports came of other bird falls. These reports seemed to indicate a concentrated area -- the south -- and radiating outwards. Up towards Canada with an uncofirmed report of abrupt bird deaths to across the U.S., then global. The cause of these deaths was said to be from fireworks. Or gunfire. Or noise in general. The birds were drunk, from eating fermented berries. Or disoriented, due to bad weather. Or maybe it was swamp gas. No one was sure, but officials did their best to stick with the "celebratory noise" explanation. Many other reports of bird falls in the U.S. came in last year around that time. But Beebe, Arkansas seemed to be the point of origin for the Fortean falls.

Then this New Year's, a new report of birds falling to the ground, and again, in Beebe. A Fortean coincidence to be sure. Same town, twice? A small town in the south? At the same time of the year? So I looked up Beebe, Arkansas and I found that the town was named after Roswell Beebe. Roswell!! Also on the Wikipedia entry is a section on the bird falls from 2011, but also, information on the current bird deaths. That was quick! Whoever was responsible for updating that page was on it.

Adding to the already strange factor in these bird deaths is this item about “supernatural birds” appearing during Kim Jong-Il’s funeral:

Supernatural flock of birds mourn dead North Korean despot Kim Jong-Il: North Korean state news is now reporting that divinely anointed flocks of magpies have been flocking to a monument of Kim Jong-Il's father, Kim Il-sung. On December 18, a few dozen magpies landed near a memorial statue in Unsan county and just would not leave.

According to The Telegraph, "Locals claimed the magpies would not fly away even when the villagers approached them or shone torches into the trees."

Not to mention the turned around “rare Asian bird” that made a new home for itself in Tennessee:

NASHVILLE (Reuters) - A rare Asian hooded crane, normally seen only in Southeast Asia, China and Japan, apparently "took a wrong turn" and has joined sandhill cranes wintering at the Hiwassee Refuge in southeast Tennessee, bird experts say, drawing flocks of curious birdwatchers along with it.

"It's a great thrill," said Melinda Welton, conservation chair for the Tennessee Ornithological Society and a bird migration researcher. "People are coming in from all over the country to see this bird."

Welton said local birdwatcher Charles Murray has been keeping a log of visitors to the town of Birchwood, near the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency refuge.

"He has had more than 700 people come and visit from all over the country to see this bird," she said. "People have come from 26 states and from two countries, including Russia."

Rest here: Rare Asian Bird Takes "Wrong Turn"

What’s interesting about these stories is the timing. Like last year, these stories have turned up, once again, at the end of the old and beginning of the new. Asian birds appearing out of place. Government admissions to intentionally poisoning birds in some cases. The southern location in the U.S. The delightfully Fortean fact the town of Beebe was named after Roswell Beebe. What all this means is at both a big “nothing” but also a huge Fortean legacy of synchronicity. We have cover-ups, (explanations for the deaths), allusions to cover-ups (Roswell), covert activity (poisoning), supernatural elements (birds, omens and messengers of death and spiritually at funeral), out of context animals (bird in Tennessee) and the rash of bird stories at this time.

Are all these bird deaths and other oddness connected with earth changes? That may sound out there, but we’ve been seeing strange earthquake activity in unusual places in the U. S. (Ohio being the latest) and this was also the case last year. Tragically, last March the world witnessed the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. That activity has not stopped; there have been earthquakes continuously since then, and in fact, two large earthquakes just occurred in Japan: a 6.8 in the Izu Islands, January 1st, and several earthquakes in the 4.0 range near Honshu.