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There's no simple answer to why I started to be interested in what is "so far" considered to be unexplained (or paranormal). I would say it was a series of direct and indirect events in my life and a lot of curiosity.

My first direct experience started one day when I was 6 years old. All of the sudden, I woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. A person was standing by my bedroom door, very tall, black / shadow figure. This person (which I always thought to be a man) was facing the right side of the wall and was moving his hand as if trying to open a nonexistent door.

At that point in time, I had no preconceived idea about ghosts or the paranormal. The first time I saw him, I just sat in my bed wondering who that person was. I remember waking up my dad and asking him for a glass of water, hoping that he would see this person too. But when my dad walked through him, I knew something was wrong.

One day, I decided to tell my parents about this person and woke them up in the middle of the night. They told me not to worry and closed the curtain (among other things) to prove me it was just a regular shadow. But I could still see the image of this person very clearly and after all their failed attempts, my parents started to worry.

One night, my mom told me to try to talk to him. I was very shy and felt kind of embarrassed. My mom (standing by my side) told me to ask him a few questions like: What do you want? Or do you need any help? But he didn't respond.

One of the last times I saw him, he turned his head to the right to see me (I don't recall the particular features of his face). A few nights later the sightings stopped.

At first, my parents were hesitant to share my experiences with my other relatives, but one day another event took place. My parents decided to go shopping to McAllen, Texas (1.5 hrs away from my hometown in México) and I was left at my grandmother's house that day. In the middle of the afternoon, one of my cousins arrived to my grandmother's house extremely scared telling us that she went to my house looking for me. She knocked on the door several times and then looked through the living room window. She saw a man sitting there and got very scared. She ran leaving her bicycle behind. Since my grandmother's house was just a couple of blocks away, she decided to go there. Everybody thought my house was being robbed and one of my uncles decided to go and check. He walked around the house several times but the house was perfectly closed. When my parents came back, my mom said that it was just that guy taking care of the house (in reference to my sightings).

Up to this day, I still remember the image of this person clearly and I always wonder what or who he was. Since I was never the kind of person that saw death people, I have no idea or theories about what happened.

I consider myself a skeptical person and always question everything (including my own experiences). However, I am certain that there are a lot of things that cannot be easily seen and understood but that are as real as the daily activities in our lives.

My family always had a history of strange and very interesting experiences happening to them. Starting with my mom, among many other things, she has always felt when a dead relative is in the house. Strangely, the way she sees things match the accounts of mediums (in the books I've read) and the way they see things. I never told my mom about this coincidence (up to recently) because she has never been interested in reading about this topic. She is only concerned about their visit and their reasons. She doesn't care if other people believe it or not.

Another group of different events happened during the 70's and 80's: UFO sightings.

My hometown in México is separated from Texas by the Falcon dam and the international bridge. One day in 1982 one of my aunts was driving through the international bridge, going back to her house in Texas, when all of the sudden she saw a huge disk shape object getting into the water. When she arrived at checkpoint, she told one of the agents what happened. The agent just said that those sightings were very common.

She had a very similar sighting at the same location, but this time she was driving with her children. She saw what seemed to be a triangular shape object. She got out of the car. The object didn't make any sound. She described the object as looking like 3 different disks connected by tubes in triangular form. A few minutes later the object disappeared and the traffic started to flow.

A few years later, I was at a wedding waiting for my mom to arrive. I was very upset because it was taking her so long. While I was waiting for her, a power outage occurred but the electricity was quickly restored. Finally, she later arrived and told me that she just saw a disk shape object at close proximity with many lights all around it.

The list of strange events in my family is very long. However, my parents and relatives were never interested in talking to or even contacting any investigator about that. Since nobody has any explanation, they basically don't care.

I, on the other hand, was very determined to find some answers. I have to say, I absolutely agree with them, and my limited involvement in the UFO field has brought me more disappointment than answers. However, putting the human factor aside, in my personal opinion, I think UFOs and the paranormal are two of the most interesting unexplained mysteries of all time. I know that I will die with no answers, but I find it worth it just to be part of this quest.

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