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The Crop Circle Enigma

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I tend to read the articles from the main Yahoo website when they seem to be interesting. They recently posted a link on Yahoo News to a video where they supposedly explain the mystery behind crop circles.

Wow, how clever right? Maybe that provides a good explanation for people that have heard and read nothing about the topic before; but seriously, I found that video to be quite ... nothing.

Anyway, most of us have heard or read about this topic before. Crop Circles is a somewhat recurrent topic on channels like Discovery and National Geographic. But sometimes I find those shows to be as informative as that video on Yahoo.

They always show the two buddies who started crushing crops with a piece of wood and doing mediocre formations. So, for some people, that story provides a good enough explanation for the crop circles mystery, even if what they did is all crappy looking.

One of the shows that I remember watching was about a group of MIT students that tried to replicate what looked like one of the simplest formations out there. They tried to replicate some of the anomalies investigated by Nancy Talbott and, by carrying a lot of heavy equipment, they were barely able to do some of the stuff.

Back in 2001, I met an investigator at the O'Hare airport. He was just coming back from England and brought with him a lot of pictures, videos and interviews about the newest Crop Circle formations at that time. One of the things he mentioned was that even if the
Circle Makers have done some of the formations and are sometimes hired to make advertising formations in crops (e.g. Nike, Car companies, etc), it takes a long period of time to complete them.

I am in no way saying that I think that some of the most complex formations have been created by people from another planet, but I would at least like to see the circle makers (or whoever are the responsible authors) create their most complex formations on TV!

If this is such a simple mystery to solve, just go ahead and make it ... don't just show me the Korn Circle.

Let's take this image for example:

This is what I would like to see replicated on a Discovery or National Geographic show.

But simple and complex formations are not the sole part of this topic. I find the investigation presented by Nancy Talbott on the plant abnormalities to be very interesting. Click on this link to read the information I am referencing.

Again, I am in no way saying that these formations were created by aliens from another planet. But if the anomalies in the plants and the most complex formations were made by a group of people on purpose, feel free to show us all and put an end to this mystery. We are all open to an explanation as long as it is "reasonable" and replicates everything to perfection.

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