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My First Contactee

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The first days of my life are somehow related with the UFO phenomenon. My given name, "Marla," comes from an unusual source: A UFO contactee in México. My mom said that, in the 70's, there used to be a very famous contactee who's name was "Maria del Socorro Perez" aka "Marla." This woman allegedly received teachings from the "Hermanos Mayores" ("Elder Siblings" – referring to people from another planet) and, somehow, she found a popular national show on TV (Esta Noche con Manolo Fabregas) to convey the aliens' messages.

Besides conveying these messages, Marla had her own healing methods based in those teachings. She called it "Electronic Medicine" or "Quantum Medicine." She created a healing center and, I suppose that, for awhile, her business was popular and prospered. Her experiences as a contactee resonated with my Mom (who, at the time, believed such a possibility could exist) and she even took us all to the big city of México, D.F. to meet with Marla. The main purpose of that visit was to help one of my cousins (who at the time suffered from epileptic seizures) to get better. Did my cousin get better? I don't know. I don't remember what my mom said at that time. I haven't talked to her about this topic since two blue moons ago. However, I remember my cousin always taking medication so I am going to guess not.

I was so little at the time that I don't even remember meeting Marla ... just have some very blurry memories of the visit. My dad bought a little crystal pyramid that the people at her healing center used for treating people. I had that pyramid with me for a long time, then I lost it, then I found it again and now I think I lost it one more time because I can't remember right now where I have it.

By the time I was old enough to be aware of life, and interested in all its weirdness, Marla was gone. Her healing center and public apparitions were no longer in existence. I heard rumors that she was traveling around the world spreading the teachings of the "Elder Siblings" and creating some groups in South America.

I usually always feel curious about all contactee stories (not abductions) which I consider to be the most interesting part of the UFO phenomenon. But in the case of Marla, since she was the first contactee I heard of, it is the most intriguing case to me to this day. So, every now and then, I will do a Google search.

About 10 years ago or so, I found a website which now seems to belong to one of Marla's groups in Argentina (I am speculating here, but since the rare topic is the same I am going to guess it is). But, about 10 years ago, this website belonged to one of Marla's sons in Guadalajara, Jalisco (México). The website, at that time, had some options under construction, one being the one that provided information about his Mother. So I decided to send an email to this guy and he replied back to me providing me with more information about her. He said Marla had moved to the state of Yucatán and also gave me some phone numbers. I told my mom right away and she contacted Marla. She was able to talk to her on the phone for a few minutes and she stated that she was still having contact with the "Elder Siblings." I tried calling her afterwards to interview her but was unable to locate her. After awhile, I lost the interest.

So, today I was doing another Google search and found this blog in Spanish that seems to belong to a group in Yucatá called the "Village of Happiness," where Marla made some presentations back in 2001 Here is another reference in relation to that. They call it the "Kardem Project."

So, if Marla's case was real or a fraud I don't know. But until I find a long interview with her and more information, I won't be able to properly judge her case. Nonetheless, I basically grew up with her story so the feeling of curiosity is always going to be there.

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