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I Hope Aliens Never Land
(Addressing some terrestrial
issues that bother me)

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All humans have good and bad attributes. However, lately, I've been very disappointed to realize that even if people pretend to be (sometimes) civilized, it just takes a little bit of a spark to let us see the worst in everyone.

These have been bothering me for awhile and want to get it off of my chest. For me, the best way for doing that is writing!

I have been reading a lot lately about this new immigration law soon to be implemented in Arizona. What really caught me by surprise is realizing that most people are in favor of it (I would say 99%). However, the worst part was reading all the hate that has been displayed towards illegal immigrants.

For people, is very easy to talk from the comfort of their homes. It is the same as when they say they agree with war. But for people that live in those countries facing life and death situations everyday, it is not easy. They want to run and live in peace somewhere else. For many people, this is not an option, but others decide to risk it all and move to another country.

I used to live on the Mexican side of the border for many years. My mom applied for residency in the US (commonly known as a Green Card) when my brother and I were very young. Our application pre-approval never arrived and we thought that the possibility of living in the US would never become possible; so we continued to make our lives in México. Twelve years later, we were asked to gather a bunch of documentation and go to the consulate of Juarez to initiate the process and take a bunch of screening tests. If memory serves me well, we had to stay like a week in Juarez, but we got our paperwork and tests done and became legal residents at last.

But living in México these days is not as easy and peaceful as it used to be. My childhood friends and relatives have told me that it is a very worrying situation. Living in México has become an every day danger (especially for people living near the México-US border). People are scared to go out of their houses and even classes have been suspended at schools.

Here in the US, people displaying so much hate towards illegal immigrants are highly ignorant. Some think that if you are not a US citizen, then you are not paying taxes. That is completely false. I am a legal resident and I can legally live and work here in the US and since my work salary is pretty high, I pay a lot of taxes. Some other people demand that immigrants learn to speak English ... however, I find their grammar to be worse than mine when I was 6 years old. Other people complain that they are not getting jobs because of the illegal immigrants. They are not getting a job because they don't want to! That reminds me of the pathetic case of my husband's mediocre ex-wife. She is only a receptionist and has been unemployed for almost one year, blaming the recession. What a loser! I am an engineer (for which a job search is a lot more difficult) and found a job a month after I moved to California! So, if you don't have a job, don't blame other people! Blame yourself only!

Some people are so very narrow minded and demand illegal immigrants to go back when they came from. Talking like they own this land. If they happened to be born in this land, that doesn't mean they own it! That reminds me so much of the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still," where the representative of the US (ironically) claims that we own this planet. Klaatu completely disagreed. I love that part!

Another misconception from these highly ignorant people is when they say that most immigrants living in the US send their money to México. I have never met one single person that does that. But let me tell you something that I know by first hand experience: as I said before, I used to live in the Mexican side of the border for many years. Before we became legal immigrants, we used to have visas to go to the US for a day. So my parents always spent all their MEXICAN SALARIES in the US in order to buy food, clothes, tools, electronics, etc. This was not only my parents' case. This is the case of every single Mexican citizen that lives close to the border. During the holiday season, forget about it because not only people near the Mexican border, but also people from big cities in México like Monterrey, NL will come to Texas to spend all their money in gifts. I never saw the Mexican government complaining and requesting Mexican citizens to stop spending their money in the US. So PLEASE, before those ignorant idiots open their mouth, do your homework and do some research.

I find that a lot of people (more lately) are intellectually stuck in time. They haven't evolved since the times of the Holy Inquisition or who knows. The use and progress in Science and Technology has evolved, but that is not helping to create better human beings.

I personally think we all should be considered "Citizens of the World" and have the freedom to live anywhere we want, while following a legal process to become legal residents without having to be scared to be deported. So, although my parents and I waited for 12 years living in México and came to this country legally, I still oppose this new law in Arizona.

Sure, it says that police cannot do racial profiling. And some idiots say "what's the problem to show them your documentation if you are legal? Hey, we always show our IDs when police stop us on the street." Again, people and their stupidity never cease to amaze me!

Yes, we always have to show our IDs if we are stopped by police. I have no problem with that, but if that is the norm for EVERYONE and not just for those whose skin and accent (obviously myself included) might suggest having a foreign origin. I would really hate to be asked for proof of residency just because I have an accent. I consider that to be unfair treatment! Also, what if I forget my purse at home? (As sometimes happens). Am I going to jail? Or be deported? People say, "oh, police will never do racial profiling or abuse anyone." Hey people, watch some news, PLEASE! Abuse by police towards all immigrants is already happening! What can we expect for later?

After reading comments in articles and realizing the overwhelming hate towards ALL immigrants, I wonder: How long before we see those Minuteman and their guns now walking on the streets aiming towards all immigrants? Seriously, how long before that happens?

We don't need to wait until 2012 for a global disaster to come from the sky or other natural Earthly disaster. Here we have ourselves to destroy and kill each other! We are our own worst enemy and the only reason that I personally think will extinct human life as we know it.

Many times I wonder about the debunkers / scientists that say, "well, if aliens do exist, why we haven't seen them landing in public places? Or making contact with scientists or higher authorities?"


If I was an alien from another planet, after watching how human beings conduct themselves and their more than narrow minded and stupid attitudes, believe me, the last thing that I would want to do is make any type of contact with humans. I will take my samples of soil, flora, fauna and DNA and will stay the heck out of this planet. Beautiful planet, indeed, but the ones that are supposed to be the most important representatives of it, conduct themselves at a deplorable level most of the time.

But aside from all the crap that I've witnessed lately, I know not all hope is lost. I have met some incredible wonderful good people throughout my life. However, having such a high level of humanity is not as common as it should be in my opinion.

We are still very far away from that goal as a civilization. So, if ETs do exist, I hope they never make a public appearance or contact the Bad Astronomer (HA HA). That would only help to provoke a chaotic and unstoppable chain reaction with catastrophic results.

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