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What's the Future?

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I was listening to Future Theater recently, where Nancy recommended an old documentary from the 50’s currently available on Netflix called UFOs. So, taking advantage of the instant streaming service provided by Netflix, I decided to add it to my instant queue and watch it over the weekend.

It's very interesting but not surprising ... most of its content I read in one of Richard Dolan’s book.

As I was watching it, I felt an increasingly overwhelming feeling of sadness; mainly just by thinking that probably most of the people in that documentary were already dead. They died also wondering the same things that we wonder about today. And what has been accomplished in this field in the last 60 years? Maybe most people will disagree with me but my answer is: "nothing"

It's the same sad feeling that I had after reading the book “Captured!” by Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden. I felt so bad for that family. All the things they went through and for what? For that ending? Sure we learned a lot from their experience and their contact case set the basis for all abduction cases today. But still, the end is the same depressing end I see repeating every time in different cases.

Some abductees (not all –and I’m not including Betty and Barney Hill here-) display a strange behavioral pattern. They said their experience was traumatic yet, at the same time they seem like they want to keep having contact and ultimately they keep mentioning they do. However at this point they display a questionable state of mind which always leaves me wondering if anything in their testimony was truthful at all.

Even if I currently feel more involved in this field by reading, listening and watching more about unidentified flying objects, I wonder if this topic is starting to become forgotten by the youth. In 2008, when I attended a MUFON symposium in Tinley Park, Illinois I remember being very surprised to realize that my dear friend Claudia and I were the youngest people at that place. MUFON in SoCal is a little different...there’s more mixed people there, but still.

Lack of interest from people aside, I see an even worse crisis here, which is the situation with the so-called and unqualified researches. The most famous recent case is the case of Emma Woods. Here is my personal opinion: After reading the article in UFO Magazine, I couldn’t believe the so-called “researcher” in this case helping Emma was not in jail by now. In my honest opinion, I think this person is a menace to society. But at the same time I have to also give some responsibility to the client, in this case the people claiming to be abductees. If that was me, I would have NEVER let a situation like that go that far. If a person does not have the qualified credentials, forget it! That’s a red flag and the only flag that I need in order to never contact that so-called researcher again.

Also, I have a very personal thing against seeing women being portrayed as victims. Let me explain by diverting my conversation for a moment here: When I see women saying: “I am a victim of this or that...poor me," I think, really? You mediocre moron! Stop crying and if that’s truth, then get the fuck out of your situation and stop complaining about it! But I think I hate it the most because I’ve also seen women abusing the fact that this defective system immediately thinks that all women complaining are victims without conducting a proper investigation. I personally only know about one case, but she is a fat, ugly, mediocre loser woman desperate for attention so, anger aside, I ended up feeling sorry for her. That person has a very deplorable life and the best thing to do is to stay away as much as possible. She is just such a problematic sickening person.

OK, so going back to my main topic, this personal thought about women portrayed as victims is NOT related with Emma. My point here is that I don’t see Emma as a victim, period. I know she trusted her so-called therapist/whatever he is, but at the end it was her decision to stay in contact with him.

In this field, having Emma share this information is extremely important. I really hope her case reaches every single soul and we all learn from it. Also very important, I recently listened to Carol Rainey’s awesome interview on Future Theater and watched a YouTube video posted by Paratopia on twitter on part of her documentary. HUGE, I think it is the important role she plays and her excellent opinion on this.

Emma Woods and Carol Rainey really changed my opinion about abductees and investigators. I really admire and applaud their bravery to come forward with this very important information. This absolutely changes my opinion on things. I hope their experiences raise awareness in the UFO community.

I see a blurry future in this field...blurrier than ever. To be honest, I hope just a few things remain; the few things that will bring wonder and truth to this field instead of deception.

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