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Contact of the "Know-It-All" Kind

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On more than one occasion, I've stopped following people on twitter for crossing the line of what I consider to be a tolerable behavior.

There are all kinds of people on twitter. Celebrities (that even if sometimes they reply to your tweets they won't follow you), people that "think" they are celebs (e.g. reality TV trash that, most of the time, are even more arrogant than the real famous celebs), famous writers (Paulo Coelho being one of them), Scientists (no comments), interesting magazines and the rest of us all.

But, aside from many arrogant self promoters out there (whose tweets I find tolerable), what has surprised me the most is that people that I considered to have crossed the line are scientists only.

Why? I wish I knew. In my opinion, I am beyond surprised. I have to admit, throughout my life, I had Ph.D. professors at the University that were unbearably arrogant and conceited, but I also had professors who were extremely intelligent and humble. Also, a lot of my best friends are Ph.D's so, for that reason, I never had any pre-conceived negative notion towards academically advanced achievers.

I don't want to generalize, as I've found very nice and friendly scientists which tweets are very interesting. However, I've read tweets from a bunch of scientists that have really pissed me off.

Some scientists think they are promoting "critical-thinking" and, therefore, everything out of their belief system bubble is highly criticized by them in a very rude way. The people I've seen following this practice some are sort of famous and have their own TV show, which makes it (in my opinion) even worse.

Out of the blue, these so-called "critical thinkers" start criticizing, in a very rude manner, to other people that believe in anything they don't believe in like God, or start making fun of people who claim to have had a UFO sighting.

They are so sure that God does not exist ... wow! Hey, I am not a religious person and, personally, YES, I believe in the existence of God and creator. But here is the thing; if you claim that God does not exist, for me that sound like you have answers to all the mysteries in the world.

I personally believe in the combination of both evolution and creation. And I really hate when people claim to have absolute truths. There are NO absolute truths, people! I hoped they were humble enough to recognize that but unfortunately they are not.

It doesn't matter how many mistakes science and religion have made throughout history, they have learned NOTHING from it, because as soon as you ask them, they are ready to sit in their absurd absolute position and show no flexibility in admitting that they could be wrong.

I know this is improbable, wishful thinking, but sometimes I fantasize that one good day the universe will start contracting, than expanding again in a complete unpredictable pattern.

Same thing applies to the UFO phenomenon. I remember this guy called the "Bad Astronomer" (or something like that) that wrote an article awhile ago saying that UFO claims were all false. Everything was Venus, a meteor, ISS, satellite or airplane. He believes this to be the truth because nobody has collected any real proof of UFOs.

I just wonder (and I have no knowledge about their procedures) but I heard one scientist mention awhile ago that in the past, Russian aircraft debris have been collected by the US government and vice versa. I just wonder if, under top secret mission circumstances, any regular civilian will have access to collect debris just for the sake of proving their point. Sorry, I just don't believe that everything beyond this planet could be nothing more than microbes or people in a pre-industrial revolution stage.

Again, denying the existence of another civilization is (in my opinion) equivalent to saying that you know everything that is in the entire universe.

And saying that what every single person has witnessed (when they say they have had a UFO sighting) is nothing more than Venus, a meteor, ISS, satellite or airplane is beyond insulting. Why do some people think that if we don't have an astrophysics degree, therefore, we are all idiots? Hey, they even have said that pilots can make mistakes, but scientists NEVER!

Then one other guy said recently that if we idiots say the word "UFO" that means that WE are ALL referring to an ET spacecraft.

Ugh! I am tired of those idiots. I honestly wished the LHC never provides to them the answers they are looking for. A well deserved punishment for their stupid attitude.

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