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Ufological Lethargy

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I barely check my myspace page nowadays, but I still go there from time to time. Yesterday, I decided to log in to clean my inbox and view some requests. Occasionally, I check on a friend’s profile just to see if something interesting has been going on with them. Among those profiles that I checked yesterday was former UFO Hunter team member, Pat Uskert. From the beginning, Pat was very kind and always replied to everybody’s messages and comments. He always would let you know if he liked your ideas. I’ve always thought that was a very kind gesture on his part.

UFO Hunters was on the air for 3 seasons. I personally think that the show was informative and entertaining. Obviously, the show was received with indifference and some jealousy among people in the UFO community.

I have to admit that I rolled my eyes every time I heard Bill Birnes talk. But despite all that, I found it to be a different format from the UFO Files show and the information provided was very interesting.

However, after 3 seasons struggling to survive, UFO Hunters was replaced with another show called MysteryQuest. I watched the first episodes of that new show and I have no idea if it’s still on the air or not. I just lost my interest.

In my previous columns, I have also mentioned the ‘UFO’s over Earth’ shows. They had like 3 episodes on the Discovery Channel but never made it for more than that unfortunately. I found that show to be a lot more interesting than UFO Hunters.

So, what’s out there in this or related topics? I haven’t seen anything interesting for quite some time now.

Until recently, I found myself some refuge on podcasts. I used to start my Monday mornings at work listening to the Paracast, Paratopia and by the middle of the week Binnall of America.

But for so many reasons, I have completely lost my interest in two of them already. So right now, the only podcast that I listen to is Binnall of America (yes people, Tim rocks!).

Also, until recently I was very interested in becoming a MUFON field investigator. But after James Carrion left the position of International Director, I also lost my interest. I think he was an inspiration, and I find very disappointing that not all MUFON members display the same strong character and principles. For some people, it is more important to have a good relationship with other so-called investigators than to stand behind their own investigations even if people disagree with them.

I stand skeptical towards the future of the UFO field thanks to all the wonderful idiots out there. But I guess, like everything else, it will always be there, even if I have lost all interest in it. I will always believe in the phenomenon itself, for the only reason that I have had many experiences for which I found no explanation.

However, I don’t rule out the possibility of finding something interesting in the near future that will ignite, once again, my interest in this enigmatic field.

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