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Mexican Ufological Intrigue

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I found a very interesting post on Facebook a couple of days ago from Mexican UFO Researcher Ana Luisa Cid. Ana Luisa has been involved in the UFO field for some time now and I consider her to be the best field researcher on this topic in México.

I have followed a couple of cases and she always provides a lot of videos, witness testimonies and analysis from experts. She is objective and conveys the information as it is. One of the cases I followed was the alleged UFO from Alvin, Texas. This case became popular in the first place because Jaime Maussan was promoting it on national television as authentic.

The investigation from Ana Luisa Cid showed the case was a hoax. She submitted the picture and videos to analysis and what looked as obvious was confirmed. However, Mr. Maussan got so upset that Ana was also talking to the media about the results of her investigation that he started insulting Ana on national television.

I just found the Spanish version of Ana’s investigation. If you are interested here is the link.

The verbal attacks from Maussan towards Ana Luisa Cid got out of proportion to the point that she had no choice but to sue him. This was supposed to be handled as a private matter between the both of them. However, (as we witnessed in the past with the MUFON/Maussan saga) for some reason Maussan believes that if he talks on his show about it, then people might consider the possibility that truth and reason are on his side. He also has a group of people that promote whatever nonsense he says.

I have seen some very questionable behavior from Mr. Maussan towards people. One of the most popular cases was when he was invited to a show in the city of Monterrey, N.L. The program was called “Ella con las estrellas” and he ended up leaving abruptly in the middle of the show when one of the hosts (Elsa Burgos) did not agree with Maussan’s point of view toward the so called “human figure” on Mars that NASA photographed back in 2008 (that was nothing more than an interesting geological formation.)

And what can we say about MUFON’s investigation in 2008 on UFOs Over Earth: Mass sightings in México? That left Maussan fuming and talking about it on his show for years. And he probably still can’t get over it.

I understand that people like Jonathan Reed will never admit making up their stories. But it is the responsibility of the UFO investigator to separate the signal from the noise and unfortunately that’s not always the case. Now, if that’s not the case, and if some investigators opt to keep specific cases to add more material to talk about in their presentations, well at least shut up! But don’t go all the way and try to convince people that they are right! Insulting people’s intelligence is not a very smart thing to do.

I understand and support people like Ana Luisa Cid taking action against Maussan for verbal personal attacks (as I justify many other cases), but I have to say that (Ana’s case aside), I’ve heard and read more about people in the UFO field fighting lately than about good cases.

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