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MUFON & Mexico

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I was reading a recent article the other day. It was posted by a person that works for Jaime Maussan. The article mentioned that James Carrion left MUFON due to internal conflicts and disagreements among his members towards his investigations.

Then, with the article in question, the video of a radio interview he did with Ruben Uriarte (another member of MUFON) was posted. I initially supposed that the interview will be confirming what was said on the article. But, to my surprise, I was completely wrong.

The interview was made by the same individual that wrote the article. In the interview he has a phone conversation with another key member of MUFON. His name is Ruben Uriarte and usually Ruben is the key person to go on MUFON's investigations that are made in Spanish Speaking countries.

The guy conducting the interview asked Ruben the reasons why James Carrion left MUFON. Ruben said that all reasons were due to personal matters. James just agreed to be the international director for 3 years. Plus many other reasons related to James personal life and work contribute to leave the position.


But that's not even the worst part yet. The interview continued with an issue related to an old show broadcasted by the Discovery Channel on November 2008 and led by MUFON's investigators: James Carrion and Ruben Uriarte. The show was called "UFO's over Earth: Mass sightings in México"

I know I've talked about this particular show before in a prior column. But due to the nature of this interview, I consider necessary to make a quick summary of what happened ...

The show "UFOs over Earth: Mass sightings in México" was aired on the Discovery Channel in November 2008. In this specific episode, the show focused on MUFON lead investigators James Carrion and Ruben Uriarte investigating the mass sightings events that frequently take place in México.

Since Jaime Maussan has been a TV personality in México, despite his horrendous mistakes in the UFO field, MUFON decided to go to him and ask him about which cases in his opinion were the best to be investigated.

Maussan recommended a UFO sighting from a guy called Carlos Avila from Nayarit. Maussan said that this guy was really honest and he really believed that his case was real.

James and Ruben proceed to talk to the guy and get as much information as possible. This guy also provided the UFO pictures that he allegedly took with his cell phone camera. It was a total of 4 or 5 pictures.

When the MUFON team started to do some basic analysis of the pictures and magnified one of them, you could clearly see the form of a perfect square around the image of the UFO.

If you have a very basic level of training in Photoshop I don't have to tell you what this means. But is called: COPY & PASTE. Selecting an image from another place, COPY and then PASTE in a different background.

So for me, no words from MUFON were needed, I knew this was fake. No need to see the rest of the pictures. I had enough once I saw that.

Then the MUFON team proceeded to show the evidence to Maussan. Surprisingly, Maussan was in a denying mode. He just couldn't believe it.

James Carrion then proceeded to talk to the so called "expert" hired by Maussan to make the analysis. The guy just said that, to him, all pictures were real and that probably because these beings from another planet were so advanced that probably they were the ones that created that square in the image.


Maussan, still disbelieving the MUFON results, went back to talk to Carlos to ask him personally: Hey Carlos, did you fake those pictures?

Then Maussan proceeded to tell James and Ruben how strong he felt about Carlos' case being real. Maussan said that Carlos looked very honest and believable. That was enough for him to categorically conclude that his case was the real deal.

So, up to this point, I just felt like I just didn't know how to hide the embarrassment of seeing people in my country showing such an advanced level of stupidity on national television.

But the unfortunate chain of events continued when MUFON proceeded to interview another member of Maussan's team. This other guy was one of the main suppliers of UFO videos that were later shown on his show.

One member of MUFON proceeded to make an experiment without letting him know. At a close location, he released a bunch of white and gold balloons. The purpose of this experiment was to find out if his methodology was a reliable one.

So back to the guy with his video camera, MUFON was trying to find out if this guy was capable enough to determine when something in the sky was not a balloon or any other type of identifiable flying object. At the moment the balloons showed up in the picture, the guy with the video camera screamed "UFO" and starts recording. Simultaneously, the hi-res cameras from Discovery Channel pointed to the same direction. While Discovery was showing the clear image of the balloons, this other guy with his video camera started saying that he was used to see that "type of objects in the sky all the time" and that they were indeed UFOs.

That was a very sad thing to see.

Then, without doing any type of analysis to the video, the guy proceeded to upload it on YouTube with the title of "Morphing UFO"

The lack of judgment and criteria shown by this person should have been a red flag for Maussan. Instead, Maussan portrayed this guy as the victim of MUFON.

Third and last case recommended by Maussan: The UFO in Mezcala. For about 3 days people saw what they thought it was a UFO. The news were such a huge deal in Mexico. All Mexican investigators were there interviewing people.

So, by the time "UFOs over Earth" was aired, I was already familiar with the case in Mezcala. I read all material and watched all the interviews conducted by Ana Luisa Cid. I honestly think she did an excellent job gathering all the different testimonies.

However, MUFON followed a different line of investigation which I also liked very much. Of course, I noticed that the amount of time spent in Mezcala was much less than the amount of time spent by those investigators living in México. But MUFON showed out of the box thinking and a lot more valid in opinion.

They gathered a lot of people and tried to digitally recreate the UFO that was seen during those days. The first interesting thing that immediately caught my attention was that nobody saw that object in the sky at any point in time. They saw a very bright light sitting by the hill but never flying.

The residents mention that the UFO light flickered some times and, when that happened, the electricity in their homes at the same time showed a similar on and off pattern.

Then, at daytime, MUFON found a group of electricity power grids going all the way up to the hill in a similar direction where this object was seen.

They took all this evidence and contacted an expert in the area. The expert said that it was very possible that the problem was one related with the power grids.

These results by MUFON created a lot of controversy among the investigators that spent a lot of time in the location.

I am not saying that MUFON's investigation in the Mezcala case were conclusive, but I definitely think that they provided out of the box thinking and investigative strategies that were never applied before in that case. Mainly because we are always subject to only hearing what people say and think they saw. That is OK too, but I think is wrong to rely on that like it is your only source of information.

After the "UFOs over Earth: Mass sightings in México" show was aired in the US, Maussan broke into uncontrolled hysteria.

In his show, called Third Millennium, he created a series of episodes to talk about that show and how MUFON were unprofessional by fooling all Mexicans and making us all look stupid.


But instead, he created these different episodes in his show dedicated to say how evil those MUFON investigators were. Portraying the guy with his video camera (and lack of judgment) like a poor victim.

He justified Carlos fake pictures by saying that those weird pixels around the object (displayed in the image shown by MUFON as fake) were normal because they were taken with a low resolution camera. Then, he dared to show more pictures with pixels around.

Really? When I thought all the surprises would end, I saw Maussan again making another stupid allegation. The images that he showed were completely different from the image in question. Then Maussan asks the question: Why MUFON is discrediting a case just because of one picture? What about the others?

Excuse me? But if that case was real, WHY FAKE ONE PICTURE?

OK, I am done summarizing all this nonsense

Back to the original interview with Ruben Uriarte: A little over a year after all that chaos, we have Ruben Uriarte (a key member of MUFON) being interviewed by this individual member of Maussan's team.

So after Ruben explains the real reasons why James Carrion left MUFON, this guy proceeds to ask: So, tell me Ruben, what happened that time when you guys came to do your investigations? Because you guys were here and said one thing but showed another and everything looked confusing.

Unbelievable people right?


Idiots will be idiots forever! That will never change! But I will be deeply disappointed if I see any of those people being invited by MUFON to any event. The credibility of what I consider the only serious institution of investigation will be crushed for sure. For some reason, I think that's a very thin line that will be crossed at any moment now.

Sometimes, I get the impression that is more important for people to have good relationships with each other than having integrity and sticking to their guns.

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