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Unidentified Flying ... Stuff

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The solar eclipse of 1991 marked the beginning of a new era of Ufology in México. It was that day when a lot of people started recording unidentified flying objects in the sky with their own personal video cameras. These objects, of metallic appearance, always displayed some sort of unpredictable flying pattern.

Consequently, more and more people became interested in this phenomenon and groups of sky watchers began to form. Motivated individuals with their own equipment started to record a high number of these objects and some of these videos became popular on national television.

But aside of the round metallic objects, flying horses and penguins, people started to record what was referred to as "little men" flying. The image below shows one of the many images captured.

MUFON conducted an investigation and ruled out the possibility of people testing jetpacks. The only company at that time confirmed that no flights took place during the days and times of the different sightings. But it was their revealing investigation in 2008 (that was aired on the Discovery Channel) that showed the sad reality of these recordings.

Members of MUFON conducted an experiment by releasing a bunch of balloons. At high altitude, these balloons looked like something taking different shapes in the sky. One person (from the group of sky watchers in México) got excited thinking it was a UFO and filmed the balloons with his own video camera. Simultaneously (and thanks to their expensive equipment) the Discovery Channel was showing the clear image of balloons moving across the sky). Soon after, the video with the blur image was posted on YouTube under the title of "Morphing UFO."

Unfortunately, most of the videos are not properly analyzed and a lot of them end up on national television or the internet with the title of "UFOs."

At the end (and a long time afterwards), it was confirmed that some (not all) of these flying humanoids sightings were indeed just simple balloons. I wish all that would have been avoided, but that's only possible if people take the time to make adequate analysis before publication.

However, there's one interesting sighting that remains as a mystery to this day. In 2006, a group of UFO enthusiasts in Monterrey, NL filmed something that was later called “the flying witch.” The video shows something in the sky that looks like someone with a pointy head and hunchback posture flying in a straight line.

Here is the video.

Having lived not too far from the big city of Monterrey most of my life, I grew up watching local TV programs like Reportajes de Alvarado, Foro and Pipo J. None of those shows were dedicated to UFO or the paranormal, however oftentimes they will report about people seeing something similar to Mothman like creatures, chupacabras and flying witches.

One of the most popular cases occurred to a young police officer in 2004. You can read the complete story here.

What I always find more compelling are the testimonies of people that I know. Not too long ago, a friend of the family was driving towards Monterrey and he, along with his family, were terrified when all of the sudden a never before seen creature got in the middle of the highway and jumped towards their car. Fortunately, no one got injured, but is sure an experience they will never forget.

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