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I remember, not too long ago, being in downtown Chicago, waiting for the CTA train after a long day at work. That day, there were an unusual number of Spanish speaking people (like myself) with their children. They were just coming back from a massive immigration protest that took place near downtown Chicago. I really admired the effort of the people fighting for their rights and making the effort by bringing the entire family to that event.

Despite the many protests and efforts from the people and the Spanish Speaking mainstream media, to this day, no satisfactory immigration reform has been reached. I mention this example because I have always had the idea that, no matter how much you go out and protest, people in the government end up doing whatever they want.

If the government hardly responds to important issues, what can we expect about something like UFO disclosure?

People involved in the exopolitics movement seem to think that disclosure is about to happen. I think they can sit and wait for another 62 years because, unless UFOs show up in a passive aggressive way (like in V) or in a totally hostile way (like in Independence Day) or even in a friendly way (like in a movie I haven’t seen yet) we cannot expect the government to come out and tell all their secrets to the world.

On the other hand, based on a lot of old released documents, the government seem to be as puzzled as all of us when seeing unidentified flying objects. It will be very irresponsible for them to speculate about technology coming from another planet when they have no specific information of its origin.

It reminds me of when Jaime Maussan said on national television that a penguin was standing at the top of a tree (see image below) ... it cracks me up to this day.

That only brought Maussan more humiliation. However, that is exactly what happens when people jump to conclusions without having the information to back up their assumptions.

I think that some (but not all) of the sightings can very well be military aircraft. Every time a triangular shape sighting is mentioned, it always reminds me of the F-117A and the fact that, 30 years later, that technology (I am sure) has been highly improved under closed doors.

But for a moment, let us consider the possibility of having the expolitics movement dreams come true. What do you think would happen? I think what would happen will be a crazy chain of unfortunate events that our chaotic modern society can happily live without. We are always at risk of experiencing another Orson Wells effect; that, among many other things, that you can certainly imagine.

But my biggest problem with the exopolitics movement lies in the group itself.

I personally don’t see this group serving any purpose at all. The only thing I see is a group of so-called investigators gathering every year to present their personal material. Some of these people make the most outrageous and unbelievable claims. The only thing that they seem to serve very well is their own personal agenda.

But I need to clarify that among this group of people I have seen a couple of very good investigators. I can’t understand why they decided to join forces with these guys, but that is something they only know.

I was watching a video the other day; it was about the exopolitics convention in Barcelona. Listening to the people in the panel was such a circus beyond belief. So laughable! I think the only thing worth watching was the intervention of the people supporting a guy called Rafapal.

But what I found more disturbing was listening to some of the people in the audience expressing words of support towards some of the panelists. They reminded me of those crazy cults that I’ve seen on TV. Quite scary!

Then we have the irresponsible predictions made by irresponsible people who also happen to be part of the exopolitics movement (what a surprise). The predictions are so insane that they only reinforce what I previously stated.

I honestly think that Leslie Kean (see freedomofinfo.org) makes a more significant contribution to the disclosure process than all the members of the exopolitics groups around the world together.

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