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Room 101


A Room 101 Interview with Len Osanic :: Host of Black Op Radio

When Room 101 first made its Binnall of America debut back in April 2008 I wrote about how it was the JFK Assassination, and its modern day counterpart 9/11, that first really got me seriously interested in what way too many intelligent people sadly debunk as "conspiracy theory." Looking back on it now, I used to be one of these "intelligent people" until I started listening to shows like Len Osanic's comprehensive Black Op Radio (easily the best podcast dealing in the realms of parapolitics) so I was very excited when Len agreed to do an interview with us. What more, it will finally allow us to cover the JFK conspiracy, and cover-up, with some depth.

Richard Thomas: First things first, thank you so much for giving the Room 101 readers the time to answer these questions. I'm a big fan of the show and I'm sure many of the RR readers are too, so it's really appreciated.

I believe you hail from outside the US, like me. Some might think it a little unusual that you host a show dedicated to researching the death of a US President. How did you first become interested in the JFK Assassination and what's the origin of Black Op Radio?

Len Osanic:: Years ago, I wrote to Col. Fletcher Prouty. We became friends and I produced a CD-ROM for him. I started doing radio show interviews with him. When he became ill, I continued on my own. After that, I thought I could do a better job asking the questions, since I knew the topic quite well. That was back in 2000 some 430 shows ago.

Richard Thomas: Growing up with the Zapruder film footage regularly played on various documentaries about the assassination, I'd always just assumed Kennedy got shot from the front. So it was a bit of a shock to discover that according to the Warren Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot the President from behind. What, for you, is the best smoking gun evidence pointing towards a conspiracy?

Len Osanic:: The photo of CIA General Edward Lansdale in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, the day of the assassination.

Richard Thomas: If you had to point out another two or more reasons for dismissing the so-called Lone Gunman Theory what would they be?

Len Osanic:: The fraud of CE399 (The bullet) and almost all of the Warren Commission. I mean, all the evidence exonerates Lee Oswald. Of course, The Sixth Floor Museum is the biggest fraud of all, trying to obscure the fact that Dallas was the city that allowed the murder to happen.

Richard Thomas: Other than the ridiculous lone nut Oswald theory, there seems to basically be three main schools of thought among researchers on who was responsible for the assassination. Roughly they can be broken down as: the Communist (the Soviet Union and/or Cuba), the Mob and CIA. Personally, I think "the Communists" is exactly what the real conspirator's wanted us to think, but what are your thoughts?

Len Osanic:: It appears that the Joint Chiefs wanted to invade Cuba and I suspect Lee Oswald was supposed to have been flown there by Jack Ruby. It may be that Officer Tippit refused to escort Lee to the airport once he learned JFK had been shot and he was killed before he revealed the plot.

Richard Thomas: If you agree the conspirator's wanted us to think that Cuba and/or the Soviets were behind the assassination, why do you think the Warren Commission found no such conspiracy?

Len Osanic:: I cannot guess what the members of the Warren Commission really thought or really found. We only have the report and who knows how many people were misrepresented or misquoted. I know that Arlen Spector is a gutless liar. Some members did not agree with the final conclusion, but were kept quiet.

Richard Thomas: Personally I've come to believe that Oswald was probably exactly what he claimed to be: "just a patsy." What is your position on Oswald and how involved do you think he was in any conspiracy: for instance do you think he was really one of the shooters or not?

Len Osanic:: I do not think he shot anyone and no evidence has been presented to indicate he did either.

Richard Thomas: My personal favourite documentary about the assassination has to be Nigel Turner's excellent nine part series The Men Who Killed Kennedy. Do you know what the latest on Badge Man is?

Len Osanic:: I think the gunmen were professional military men on duty. I have no idea who Badge Man really is.

Richard Thomas: We could go on forever about who might have been responsible, but I think the X character (based on Col. Fletcher Prouty) in Oliver Stone's epic film JFK knocks it on the head when he says the more important question is why? Although there were probably many reasons, the big two seem to be the Vietnam War and Kennedy's plans to audit the private run-for-profit Federal Reserve. What do you think was the major reason and why?

Len Osanic:: Fletcher Prouty has indicated that pulling out of Vietnam was the final straw. Kennedy was removed by his enemies.

In this case, "final straw" meant there were many reasons, and finally (after Vietnam) they made the decision, "He's got to go." It certainly wasn't a lone nut. Who told the Presidential Protection team to "Stand Down, you're not needed in Dallas Nov 22nd" ? That's where the power is, to allow gunmen near, and then to control the autopsy and continue the cover-up. And have a patsy in the wings.

I must stress: read the Jim Douglass book JFK and the Unspeakable. I interviewed him six times, once for each chapter.

Richard Thomas: Whatever the truth about the assassination, there's no question, in my book, that many of the people who have investigated the conspiracy over the last four decades are true heroes. Mark Lane has be my personal favourite, but who do you feel most privileged to have had the chance to interview and why?

Len Osanic:: Without question, it is Col L. Fletcher Prouty. There is no other person who wrote about this topic who was there. Prouty worked in the military for 23 years and 9 years in the Pentagon. He was the focal point officer between the CIA and the Air Force. He was there. He worked with these people day in day out for 9 years. Everyone else writes from details and evidence they discover, but not from being there.

Richard Thomas: Inevitably, time will take its toll. It's a pity you'll never get a chance to interview Jim Garrison (whose autobiographical On the Trail of the Assassins was turned into the Oliver Stone film). Who else do you wish you could have had a chance to interview before their passing?

Len Osanic:: No one I can think of. I learned so much from Fletcher. But it would've been worth while to spend time with Jim Garrison. Who knows how much more he knew about that was not brought up in the trial. Things that he may have not had the time to investigate.

Richard Thomas: It's been over 45 years now since that tragic day in Dallas. Do you think we'll ever know, for certain, what happened and who exactly was involved, and why do you think it's still important to find out today? Also, does it bother you when people just dismiss us as "JFK Buffs" or "Conspiracy Theorists"?

Len Osanic:: If you read the Jim Douglass book JFK and the Unspeakable, there is enough there for one to discover who killed JFK. Then if you want to know more details get the Col Prouty CD-ROM.

I consider interest in this as political research. It bothers me that a MORON like George Bush was president 8 years. It bothers me Rush Limbaugh is still on the air. But, I am Canadian so it's not that big a deal. Really, working with Fletcher taught me more than I ever set out to learn. So if people don't have time to question 9/11 right in front of them, and find it easier to criticize those researching the world in which we live as "theorists," well that's their loss. And they deserve 8 years of a turd blossom like Rove by the way pardoned, go figure that?

Treason should be that charge. Alberto Gonzalez. Attorney General. A gutless LIAR. What does America do? Nothing. It seems nothing as important as Treason, Murder, False Flag operations against your own country, gets to court. But they go crazy if Clinton has sex in the oval office. Bush hears voices ... he said God told him to go to war.

Richard Thomas: Some wildcard questions at the end here. One of your semi-regular guests on Black Op Radio has been Jim Marrs, author of Crossfire and The Terror Conspiracy, two books very well regarded among JFK researchers and 9/11 truth activists. What are your thoughts on the topics covered in some of Marrs' other books like secret societies, remote viewing and the UFO cover-up?

Len Osanic:: I'll let Marrs speak for himself. I don't believe remote viewing. Americans should have stormed the White House and tried the administration for treason on 9/11. It was an inside job.

Richard Thomas: Another of your guests has been Shane O'Sullivan, author of Who Killed Bobby and director of RFK Must Die. What do you think of the idea that Sirhan Sirhan (the convicted RFK shooter) could have been a "Manchurian Candidate"? Also, what about John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman, do you think he might have been a victim of CIA brainwashing too?

Len Osanic:: I agree there is something troubling about Sirhan. William Pepper is looking into reopening a trial on new audio evidence. Mae Brussell knew more about the Chapman story. I don't know anything really to add.

Richard Thomas: Thanks again Len for answering our questions, perhaps we can do this again sometime. Why not tell the readers where they can listen to Black Op Radio and maybe buy some of your cool gear?

Len Osanic:: I host Black Op Radio and run the Col. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site which can be found at www.prouty.org.

Richard Thomas, BoA UK Correspondent and Columnist.