X-Conference 2


X-Conference Redux

The Road to X-Conference has reached its destination. Sadly, my much vaunted Preview of X-Conference will not be a big "to do", as I've precious little time and much of it needs to be spent preparing the final items related to leaving tomorrow afternoon. Therefore, I've opted to do a shorter, more bulletted style piece in keeping with my scattershot pre-trip mind. Enjoy :

* I'm looking forward to meeting some of the big names of Ufology this weekend and especially some of the less "famous" ones as well. Last year's X-Conference was a "who's who" of esoteric "stars", while this year's conference seems to focus on more "meaty" speakers.

* Corrado Balducci should be interesting in light of the recent tumultuous events at the Vatican this past month. Balducci once claimed that he had a tacit endorsement from "Papa" to speak on UFOS. We'll probably find out just how much his role may change with the new papacy.

* Walt Andrus, one of the founders of MUFON. He's seen it all. I'm going to be trying my best to pick his brain as much as possible for the folks @ who want good solid information. The Evolution of Ufology will be one big thread coming out of this weekend.

* John Greenewald should be an interesting speaker as well and I'm hoping to get a chance to speak with him. I'm a fan of his work and find his youth to be both an asset to the field as well as a promising sign for the future. His role in shaping the new direction of Ufology will be interesting to say the least.

* Dr.Michael Salla. I didn't really get into Salla's work until post-X-Conference, so I'm very interested in hearing what he's got up his sleeve this year. I've devoured most of his work this past year so a chance to see him live and talk with him is a great treat.

* David Sereda. The guy interviewed Dan Akroyd about UFOs. Nuff said.

* Stanton Friedman. Of course. Friedman and binnall meet again. I'm looking forward to talking baseball with Frieds as he seems to be a baseball buff. Also, looking for his take on the ABC UFO special, 2 months removed.

* Stephen Bassett. The mastermind behind it all. This guy is usually way too busy all weekend to do much of anything. It is both amusing and impressive.

* Charles Hall. This story slipped through the cracks of Ufology somehow after flying onto the radar in January. I'll be interested in hearing if there is more to the story and also how forthcoming Hall is to skeptical inquiry.

* And all the rest. There's too many to name and I'd be here all day. Let's just say there will be a lot of thinking about Ufology this weekend and I'll be sure to add my 2 cents.

* I made a lot of good friends at last year's Conference. Some have already told me that they will not be there this year (sorry to not see you Gary and Dave). I've no idea about any others that may show up but I'm hoping to see Mike ver Bruggen, Frank Knize, and, of course, the Italian Bill Murray, who I will be sure to find out his name for everyone.

* Being that this is an East Coast Conference, I'm wondering what luminaries of Ufology may decide to take a trip down to D.C. Last year was a maelstrom of networking and I expect this weekend to be no different. Hoping to see Peter Robbins and buy him a beer, so keep your fingers crossed for that.

* I stress to everyone that the upcoming piece by yours truly in After Dark re: the X-Conference will be a "must read" for any binnall aficionado or hanger on. I recently spoke with the issues guest editor Lex Lonehood and I am extremely excited about the prospects of the piece and upcoming UFO issue in general. I think those of you out there who dig the binnall style will love the article.

* Finally, I want to plug (of course) post-X-Conference. While I usually am a hypemaster, I have tried to be reserved as far as what we would have to offer of coverage when we get back. Suffice it to say, however, that I am extremely confident that the vast readership of this site will enjoy what we have to offer and that it will be the beginning of a new era for Spring turning into Summer will be a wild ride here, so stick around and grab a seat.