ParaMania Update for 3/20/16

With ParaMania just a few short days away, we've received some questions about the event from various people in various ways, so here's a brief update on the festivities...

Ultra-Loose Schedule: Friday - Dealey Plaza, Saturday - ParaMania Presentations, Awards, and Ceremonial Proceedings, Sunday - Roadtrip to Aurora in the morning/afternoon & ParaMania party in the evening.

Precise times, location for Saturday & Sunday ParaMania events and other details like food options will be coming soon.

Hotel information can be found below, so don't whine that you can't find it, it's been there since October.

For the latest news and information on ParaMania we cannot stress enough that you should be using the ParaMania Facebook Page, since that is where we will coordinate on-the-ground information before and especially during ParaMania.

If you have further questions, see our FAQ below...

What is ParaMania?

ParaMania is an informal gathering of paranormal intelligentsia scheduled to be held in Dallas, Texas on April 1, 2, & 3, 2016.

Sounds interesting, what does it entail?

At the moment, we don't have the foggiest idea yet. We're fairly certain to be visiting Dealey Plaza in Dallas and would like to find a venue to host some presentations on the paranormal, but aside from that, we're still in the very early planning stages (as you'll learn going forward).

Who will be attending ParaMania?

For now, we know that Greg Bishop of Radio Misterioso fame and Tim Binnall of Binnall of America infamy will be in attendance at ParaMania. Other folks have expressed interest and will be announced in due time.

How can I participate in ParaMania?

Good question. Essentially, you have to make your way to Dallas, Texas that weekend and let us know you want in on the adventure. That's it, but the second part is critical, as you'll see.

Okay, but what does it cost?

ParaMania aims to be an informal collaborative gathering, so the whole 'event' is essentially free, since we don't actually have anything to sell you a ticket to. By not charging you anything, we cut the cost for you to make it to Dallas while also making it clear that we are in no way responsible for your entertainment, food, travel, or anything else. The trip is what you make of it and what you invest in the process.

So I just show up in Dallas?

It's pretty simple, but not quite that simple. We need to know you'll be there so we can plan the event and develop a plan of action for what we're all going to do in Dallas aside from Dealey Plaza and the small 'conference.' In other words, once you've committed to this insane premise, then buy your plane ticket, book your hotel room (see info below), and RSVP with us, holmes.

Is there a limit on how many people can attend ParaMania?

We don't plan on having a limit, but we would prefer this to be a mangeable, relatively intimate gathering. So, if we get up to around 50 'registered' attendees, we will likely have to declare the event 'sold out,' for lack of a better term.

Does this have anything to do with WrestleMania?

In some way, yes, but in most ways no. Yes, WrestleMania 32 will be held in Dallas that same weekend. Yes, some of us will be attending WrestleMania on Sunday, April 3rd. No, there is no wrestling connection to the event aside from that. However, prospective attendees to ParaMania should be aware that there will be 100,000 crazed wrestling fans in Dallas while we are there, so plan your travel and accommodations accordingly.

Okay, I've read your FAQ and am interested in taking part in this adventure. How do I proceed?

Buy your plane ticket or figure out how to get to Dallas for that weekend. Book your hotel room. Bishop and Binnall will be staying at the Hampton Inn Dallas-Addison. There are no discounts or deals associated with the hotel, it's just the place where we are staying for the weekend. You are free to stay wherever you want, but that's where we're staying. You likely can find good rates on your room via travel sites like as well. Once you do those two things, email us at to RSVP for ParaMania.

Sounds good, but I have other questions about the event ...

No problem. Shoot us a line at with your additional queries and we'll try and get back to you ASAP.