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The K-Files


Welcome to the latest installment of The K-Files. With the 5-year anniversary of September 11th only a couple days old, I felt it only appropriate to comment on it in some way. As with last week's Steve Irwin edition, the 9/11 anniversary pretty much overshadows any other topics out there.

In this edition of The K-Files, I will be giving my $0.02 on Coast to Coast AM's 9/11 special. George Noory brought a lot of interesting guests to the table, including some first-timers and Coast veterans, alike. Although my main-man Alex Jones seemed out of it, quite a few theories (many rather outrageous) as well as some some eye-opening revelations were presented. But the episode wasn't without its flaws.

You'd better get ready, 'cause here come The K-Files...

:: 5 Years Later  ::

When the 5 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was approaching, all of the big media outlets announced their plans for coverage on that melancholic day. The show one I was most interested in was of course George Noory's Coast to Coast AM. Yes, I did happen to catch some of ABC's highly volatile "The Path to 9/11" (which I thought was pretty good, if not terribly hard to watch--kind of like an episode of 24, only Jack Bauer doesn't save the day...) and I watched a few minutes of CNN.com's real-time replay of their 2001 footage (which brought back quite a few memories that I had started to forget from that day), but Coast to Coast's line-up of conspiracy theorists is what I was most interested in. Not that I'm against the depressing memoriam stuff, but George has a pretty good record of dishing out the goods on these 9/11-themed episodes.

At first, I must admit that I was bit disappointed by the guest line-up. When the show schedule was first updated, I was shocked to see Alex 'The Bulldog' Jones was mysteriously missing from the list. That jumped out at me as odd--how could you have a 9/11 conspiracy show without Jones? David Ray Griffin was scheduled to be on, but no Alex Jones? Very interesting. However, after checking the schedule again a few hours before show time, I was pleased to see Jones was added to the list. It would only be for a 30 minute segment, but I'll take what I can get.

The following will be my take on the episode, broken down in the various segments in which the show was presented.

First off George welcomed Professor Joel Goldstein to the show. This was Professor Goldstein's first appearance on Coast, so I was interested in what he would bring to the table. Turned out to be a rather unexpected topic. Discussing Dick Cheney's activities in and around September 11th, he provided some interesting insight into our rather mysterious vice president. Most shockingly, Goldstein, referencing a Washington Star-Tribune article, revealed that it was Cheney that relayed the order to shoot down Flight 93. If true, that was certainly a big decision for a vice president to make. Perhaps we could get a follow-up appearance by Goldstein in the near future. I'd like to get some more info on this one, for sure.

Next on the list came David Hawkins, who is a forensic economist and another first time Coast guest. Wasting no time, Hawkins started presenting one of the more elaborate 9/11 conspiracy theories out there. According to him, the attacks were orchestrated by a group determined to bring down America. Using al Qaeda as mercenaries, he claims that these mysterious malefactors brought down the towers using explosives that were secretly planted in the towers during a mock sabotage exercise. They could then cash-in on insurance money while simultaneously crippling America's economy. Just typing this, it was hard not to cringe at the outrageousness of this particular theory. George was adamant at getting Hawkins to admit that al Qaeda played a key roll in the attacks--which was good, as I think it's important to not lose touch with reality in our paranoia. I think even the most out-there theorists can't deny that (no matter who was ultimately behind it), Islamic terrorists were the ones to actually carry out the plan.

After the break came Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani, who are co-hosts of Wing TV, an internet-based 9/11 truth movement and conspiratorial conglomerate. No conspiracy theory episodes can be free from anti-Semitic undertones, and on this night it was Victor and Lisa that would bring them out. Their theory focused around a possible Israeli involvement in the attacks. I don't follow Wing TV (this was the first time I'd even heard of them), but from the sounds of it, they get hit with criticism on this point quite a lot. They were careful to just straight out admit that yes, Israel gets blamed for many global conspiracies, but that their's in particular was true. Frankly, I didn't buy it. Good try, but no dice.

Alright, now enough playing around. Next was the segment I was most looking forward to--Alex 'The Bulldog' Jones. It had been a few months since we last heard from Alex on the Bilderberg roundtable episode in June, so I was interested to see if Jones had any new information to present. And, with his latest movie out, I was sure there would be some advertising as well. The first thing that got my attention was the sound of Alex's voice. As soon as he started talking, I blurted out, "That's not Alex Jones!" I don't know if he was just tired or had destroyed his voice earlier in the day, but he certainly didn't sound like his normal self. I will assume for now that it was indeed him, because his message was highly Bulldog-ish. Relating his experience at Ground Zero that day, Jones talked about how he busted out his signature bullhorn to deliver his message to gathering crowds. He also pointed out that more NY police and fire officials were open to his theories than in years past. Then, of course, he plugged Terror Storm--his big-bucks documentary available now for free at Google Video. Jones didn't really bring anything new to the discussion, but being the fan that I am, I was just glad he was included in the show.

After Jones, George Noory played a prerecorded interview with Coast veteran, Howard Bloom. It was a good, if not foreboding, interview. Taking the 9/11 topic to the next level, he explained that Iran is our true enemy and must be met with a preemptive military strike in order to prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon. He also predicted that a nuclear weapon would be used in anger in the next 3 years...Kind of a depressing way to end the show.

The remainder of the episode featured open lines. Like all good open lines segments, this one was more or less unremarkable. I fell asleep before the show reached its conclusion (open lines will do that to you).

All in all, I think Noory pulled off an above average episode. Where it suffered in substance, I think it made up for in the sheer volume of guests. And except for the duo from Wing TV, first-timers Joel Goldstein and David Hawkins did a good job piquing my interest in their respective theories. Not episode of the year worthy, but memorable nonetheless.


:: Dead End ::


Well, that's all for this week. I trust you enjoyed your trip into this shadowy nether-realm known only as the K-Files.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next  K-Files, arriving sometime next week. Later.

~Khyron, 2006.


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