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::Punnett Strikes Back::
Let me start off by expressing my enthusiasm as of late.

You see, for the past months, I found myself depressed over the fact I was unable to listen to Ian Punnett's spin-off stunt Coast to Coast Live. My work shifts until midnight on Saturdays had me getting in my car just in time to hear Ian sign off from what was probably a damn entertaining show.

But now all of that has changed. Like a sickly-sweet gift from on high, Art Bell has been whisked away to make room for our favorite Bible Boy. I hate to see Art leave, wish him the best, yadda yadda...but hell yeah--I can start listening to Ian Punnett in real time again. And frankly, this move was just the shot in the arm that this bored Coast fan needed to turn his radio on again.

I've enjoyed Art Bell on Saturday nights--don't get me wrong--but here's how I would end up listening to the show:

12 AM - 12:30 ~ Art reads the news. As soon as he brings the obligatory global warming story up, I move into the kitchen to prepare a late dinner. I generally make it back just in time to hear the bottom of the hour bumper music.

12:35 - 12:45 ~ Usually a special guest is brought on to discuss a new book or venture. I'm busy lapping up whatever strange concoction of food I managed to make for myself. It usually involves a tasty mélange of cottage cheese and assorted Hot Pockets.

12:45 - 1 ~ Open lines...I guess? I've usually found an interesting website to distract me or started an instant messenger conversation by this time.

1:06 - 1:40ish ~ Down to business. The web browsers get closed and the chats get put on hold. Art keeps me entertained through the first half hour and into the next with the main guest.

1:40 - 2 ~ The web browsers return and the chats resume. Art continues the interview, but I've lost interest.

2 - 3 ~ Art keeps talking; the Xbox 360 turns on. I do my best to play and listen at the same time, but the radio gets turned down in favor of vital game dialog.

3 AM + ~ I watch whatever crap is on TV. It's usually B-grade action flicks or anime reruns. Sleep soon follows.

Yup. Pretty standard stuff, really. But now let's contrast that to what I did last week...

12 AM - 4 ~ I sat down and listened to Ian Punnett.

For the first time since, well, Alex Jones was on for a full show, I sat through an entire episode of Coast to Coast AM with only minimal interruptions for food and drink. What can I say? The man can host the hell out of a radio show.

If you missed the episode, Ian introduced author Dan Kurzman to discuss his latest book, A Special Mission. Detailing a secret Nazi plan to kidnap top Vatican officials--Pope Pius XII included--and sack the riches of the church, it was a story I had not heard previously. There are few alt. history topics more fascinating than the crazy antics and elaborate plots thought up by the screwball leadership of the Third Reich, so naturally this episode was placed firmly up my alley. But also, Ian Punnett's uber-prepared and engaging hosting style made it hard to not to be entertained.

I think what stood out the most during the episode (and the same goes for Ian's debut last week with Jim Marrs) is just how adamantly Punnett refuses to let guests slide. Whereas George or Art may have just let the guest go on and continue with his train of thought, Ian seems determined to get the answer he was looking for--grilling the guest if necessary. Some may find fault in this form of interviewing, but I find it ever so refreshing to finally hear guests get called out on their cryptic or otherwise unsatisfactory responses.

How long this freshness lasts remains to be seen. So much of the 'been there, done that' feel to many of George's shows stems from the difficulty of having to be on the ball 21 nights a month of long format radio. If Noory was down to one night a week, I'd probably be writing about how excited I was to be able to tune in to his show. Well, maybe.

But I will tell y'all this much...If this is what I've been missing every week on Coast to Coast Live, then I am at least thrice damned. Here's to many more weeks of quality Punnett goodness. Glad to have you back to the main show, man.

:: Dead End ::

Well, that's all for this week. I trust you enjoyed your trip into this shadowy nether-realm known only as the K-Files.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next  K-Files, arriving sometime next week. Later.

~Khyron, 2007.


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