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:: Khyron Sees a UFO ::

It has finally happened.

After years of being fascinated by UFOs and writing columns about other people's sightings, I have finally seen one for myself. The experience was every bit as surreal as I expected it would be, but the excitement of the moment soon gave way to a tidal wave of doubt, puzzlement, frustration and eventually depression. Of all the stories and accounts of UFO sightings I've heard over the years, none of them prepared me for the day after sighting.

Was it a helicopter or a flying saucer? I'm not sure I will ever know for sure at this point. But the experience has given me a greater understanding of what it means to be a UFO eyewitness.

When I would imagine what it would be like to see a UFO, I pictured something along the likes of Art Bell’s big sighting. You know—driving along in the open desert at night and look up to see a massive yet silent black triangle pass overhead before zooming away. Or maybe some kind of sneak up behind you and cause your truck to go haywire action ala “Clouse Encounters.”

Only in the movies, my friends…only in the movies.

So here’s how it all went down: It was in the wee hours of the morning of Saturday, March 1st, that I found myself walking to my car after a late-night shift at work. I made it to my vehicle at approximately 12:04 AM Central time—as I turned on my car radio just in time to catch the last couple of commercials before Coast to Coast AM came on. As I looked out my driver’s side window to begin backing out, I noticed a peculiar object low in the Northern sky. It caught my eye because I usually look to the sky as I leave work and generally don’t see anything but a few stars.

The object was basically a solid white or yellowish light with what appeared to be a row of 4 or 5 red, rapidly blinking lights on top. And by ‘rapid’ I mean maybe 3 or 4 flashes per second. Also, from what I could see, the lights appeared to be flashing in sequence from right to left, pausing for a second, and then repeating the series from left to right. I created this artist rendering of it after several seconds in MS Paint.

What was so strange about the object was how it moved. When I first saw it, it was hovering motionless low above the tree line. After observing it for the better part of 5 minutes however, it started to drift slowly to the left before coming to a stop and drifting slowly back in the other direction.

At this time, I finally decided to drive home. I live less than a mile from my work, so my hope was that I could resume watching it after putting on some warmer clothes. Sure enough, the thing had not moved from its spot. As an added benefit, seeing it at home also allowed me to observe from a different vantage point—and from what I could tell, it looked the same as in the parking lot a few minutes prior.

As I stood there in the sub-freezing Minnesota temperatures, I couldn’t help but be reminded of UFO sighting stories I’ve heard where eyewitnesses become almost entranced watching them. Perhaps it was just because I was so confused and dumbfounded about what I was seeing, but even with the frigid morning temperatures, I probably could have watched this thing for hours unfazed. Unfortunately, after about 5 minutes is had disappeared below the trees.

Alright then, what did I see?

With several hours logged on a telescope, I can tell you what it wasn’t. I can rule out the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle, or any other satellite. I’ve seen these things before and this definitely wasn’t them. Based on its movement pattern and blinking lights, it’s safe to assume it wasn’t a natural celestial body, either. Also, considering its ability to hover and change direction quickly, I think I can rule out airplanes.

This leaves either a helicopter or something more paranormal. I listened as hard I could for the sound of rotary blades in the distance, but I could only make out a faint rhythmic beat from amidst the background traffic noise. Also, from what I’ve been told, helicopters generally have blue and green lights when flying at night, neither of which I saw.

So, helicopter or flying saucer? The skeptic in me is inclined to go with helicopter, but the Coast listener in me hope for something a bit less ordinary. At this point, I feel a little depressed that I may never know for sure.

:: Dead End ::

Well, that's all for this week. I trust you enjoyed your trip into this shadowy nether-realm known only as the K-Files.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next  K-Files, arriving sometime next week. Later.

~Khyron, 2007.


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