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The K-Files


Welcome to the latest installment of The K-Files.

David versus Goliath, Ali versus Frazier, Coke versus Pepsi...of all the epic matchups throughout history, none may be so intense as the esoteric debate between Stanton Friedman and Seth Shostak. Although the two didn't spar off directly this past weekend, they both had a chance to voice their opinions on Coast to Coast AM.

So are these two heavyweight contenders  still able to pack a punch? Or was it all just more of the same from the UFO field's most polarized members? Read on and find out.

You'd better get ready, 'cause here come The K-Files...

::Special Report::

Hello, I’m a Mac.

And I’m a PC.

There’s something undeniably entertaining about those Apple commercials. Sure the witty interactions between two personified computers make for a few comical situations, but I think there’s more to them than their surface humor. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m a fan of a good old fashioned feud. Be it between competing companies like Apple and Windows, or conflicting ideologies and opinions, arguments can be downright fun to witness.

Which brings me to the topic of this week’s K-Files: the ongoing debate between Stanton Friedman and Seth Shostak. As you may recall, the two locked horns back in 2004, during the episode of Coast to Coast AM now referred to as the infamous Great UFO Debate. Although both men gave it their all, the results of a poll posted on the Coast to Coast website put Friedman ahead with 57% of the vote. 

Fast forward to last weekend, the pair once again returned to the Coast to Coast airwaves. Although they appeared on different nights and with different hosts, their charged words towards one another brought back more than a few memories of their past bout. And after listening to each of them once again lay out their arguments regarding the nature of extraterrestrial contact, I’ve come to a couple conclusions that I’d like to share with you.

Conclusion number 1: Shostak is (still) arrogant.

Such a big part of your success in a debate comes from how the audience perceives you. Frankly, I don’t see how anyone could interpret Shostak’s demeanor as anything but arrogant. He’s obviously a very smart man (and sounds like he gets asked a lot of very stupid questions), but I can’t shake the feeling that he’s always talking down to me when I listen to him speak.

Case in point: His appearance on the ABC ‘Seeing is Believing’ UFO special. For those that missed it, Shostak did a little bit with one of his SETI companions about describing a sighting of a mysterious glowing object in the sky. But then just before you’d think he would go on to talk about how he’s now a believer, he whips out a big F-you and says something about, “Oh wait! That was just the moon! You guys are all stupid,” or some such thing. It was one of those fist-clinching moments that make you want to break things.

Just like the Mac in the before mentioned Apple ads, Shostak is his own worst enemy in these debates. If you’re a Mac user, you will probably get a kick out of that young hipster sticking it to that stick-in-the-mud PC. But then, who makes advertisements just to please their already loyal fanbase? Just like Shostak, it seems like they’re kind of preaching to their own choir. Because, on the flipside, Windows users and loyal PC gamers are only turned off more to the prospect of owning a Mac. “If you’re going to insult my coolness, to hell with your crappy computers,” say many disenfranchised PC owners.

In this same way, even those with a skeptical leaning when it comes to UFO’s may find it hard to side with Shostak in a debate. I’m sure all of his hardcore skeptic buddies (just as the Mac users do when they see the latest ad) pat themselves on the back when Shostak makes a good point…but for the rest of us, we just want to smack him in the face.

Conclusion number 2: Art Bell is a better radio host than George Noory.

This may seem like an apples to oranges thing to many (or perhaps steak to hamburger is more appropriate), but I found the differences in the two host’s styles to be particularly glaring this past weekend.

After listening to Art Bell’s interview with Seth Shostak—even despite Shostak’s arrogance—I couldn’t help but feel more engaged and entertained. So much of Noory’s interview with Friedman seemed like fluff. It seemed like I was just listening to a couple of old friends shoot the breeze about UFO’s. That’s not necessarily bad in small doses, but Art was more totally on the ball—brining up points, counterpoints, and keeping the interview flowing at a more listenable rate.

I think the biggest testament to Art Bell’s interview over Noory’s is that despite having an open web browser in front of me during both shows, I found myself surfing the web in boredom much less while listening to Art. Far too many times have I lost interest with a Noory interview after only the first 30 minutes.

And now finally…

Conclusion number 3: I think it’s time for a UFO debate rematch.

‘nuff said.

:: Dead End ::


Well, that's all for this week. I trust you enjoyed your trip into this shadowy nether-realm known only as the K-Files.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next  K-Files, arriving sometime next week. Later.

~Khyron, 2007.


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