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The K-Files


Welcome back to another week of everyone's favorite paranormal round-up. The K-Files opens up with three more articles to challenge your senses and boggle the mind. Put your helmets on, because we're going in hot.

This week, the Top Story covers the latest Bigfoot brouhaha building in Malaysia. Next, I present to you one of my more politically charged 'Files in the form of the global warming debate. Finally, I've got an article announcing the soon-to-be-released sequel to nobody's favorite EVP movie.

You’d better get ready, ‘cause here come the K-Files…

:: Top Story ::

Bigfoot Sighted In Endau-Rompin National Park

Bernama – 2/20/06

ROMPIN (Pahang), Feb 20 (Bernama) -- Orang Asli living along the Johor-Pahang border claim they too have seen "Bigfoot" in the Endau-Rompin National Park while collecting forest produce in the area.

They call the hairy man-like creatures standing over four metres (12ft) tall as "hantu siaran gigi" or "hantu hutan".

But those are not the only creatures they have seen for they have also sighted "hantu semawa" -- a creature whose body size is similar to an ordinary human -- and "hantu bojok" which is much smaller.

If you haven’t been keeping track, there has been a bit of a Bigfoot ruckus going on in Malaysia. The Orang Asli people that reside there have reported seeing the allusive beast while collecting produce in the Endau-Rompin National Park.

And, man, do they tell quite the story.

The witnesses claim to have identified three different types of Bigfeet. First there’s the “hantu hutan,” which stand a monstrous 12 feet tall and have the typical hairy appearance. Then there are the “hantu semawa” and "hantu bojok" which have been reported to look surprisingly human.

Now that’s what I find interesting. Perhaps these human-Bigfeet are the elusive ‘missing link’ between apes and man. Or at the very least is some kind of new subclass of mammal. Well, that is if the claims are true.

For long time K-Files fans, you may have noticed my lack of faith in recent cryptozoological events. It had been years since any good evidence had come forward, then Tom Biscardi went and pulled his ‘Biscardigate’ stunt. Yep, I had all but given up hope that Bigfoot would ever be found.

But what I think makes this story different is the nature of the eyewitnesses. I could understand some wealthy entrepreneur hoaxing a sighting to bring attention to his new Bigfoot theme park, but when the sightings are made by simplistic, native peoples, I think it has increased credibility. 

Loren Coleman commented with his skepticism on Coast to Coast AM the other night, but this story has actually started to spark my interested in Bigfoot again. Expect more updates on this in the coming weeks.

:: Global Warming ::

Under the Sea...

Waterworld: how life on Earth will look 1,000 years from now

AN APOCALYPTIC vision of life 1,000 years from now has been painted by a team of scientists studying the effect of global warming.

If mankind does not put its house in order, temperatures could have risen by 15C (27F) by the year 3000 and sea levels by more than 11 metres (36ft), flooding much of London, the team, from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, says in a report for the Environment Agency. Abrupt changes could make Britain much hotter, or even — such is the uncertainty of the predictions — first colder and then hotter.

I usually try to keep politics out of this, but today you’re in for a rare treat. I will be giving my thoughts on the global warming debate.

Frankly, I don’t much care about it.

I’ve listened to all the arguments about whether humans cause it, or if it’s cyclical, or maybe just completely made-up, but I just can’t seem to find any interest in it. Call it apathy, or denial, or just plain laziness, but when you’re talking about 15 degrees increases by the year 3000…meh, I’m not impressed. And living smack-dab in the middle of the barren tundra known as the Midwest, I find it hard to think about rising ocean levels.

 Plus, I’ve seen Waterworld enough times to think that it would actually be pretty cool. Except for all the scurvy and the drinking of reprocessed urine, it’d be fun just spending all day swimming around.

:: Ghosts in the Media ::

Can you hear me now?

Fillion and Sackhoff Hear White Noise 2

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Nathan Fillion (Serenity, Firefly) and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) are in talks to topline Rogue Pictures' White Noise 2: The Light

In the sequel, directed by Patrick Lussier, a man's family is murdered, but he is brought back from the brink of death. The man realizes he has changed and can now identify those among the living who are about to die. When he tries to save people from their fate, he discovers there is a price to paid for interfering with the natural order.

When it comes to good (or at least entertaining) paranormal proof, I’ve always been a pretty big fan of electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). Whenever Brendan Cook and Barbara McBeath from the GIS are on Coast to Coast AM, one of my guilty pleasures is to turn off the lights, lie down, and scare myself to sleep.

Last year, trying to cash in on the phenomenon’s moderate popularity, Hollywood brought us the Michael Keaton stinker, White Noise. Despite my fascination with EVP’s and the publicity around the movie, nothing I saw in the trailer was enough to get me to see it. And, apparently, it wasn’t enough for most people, either.

White Noise could very well be considered a flop. Poor reviews and meager sales resulted in a quick run at theatres.

Fast forward a year later and surprise, surprise! We will soon be graced with a White Noise sequel. Though from reading the above plot description, I noticed that it is suspiciously void of EVP. Looks like they ditched the original concept for unoriginal mediocrity.

But look at the cast. Nathan Fillion (from Firefly) and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck in the new Battlestar Galactica). It’s a Sci Fi fan’s dream come true. Too bad it has a formula to fail.

:: Dead End ::


Well, that's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed your trip into this realm of impossibility known only as the K-Files.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next  K-Files, coming at you next week. Cheerio.

~Khyron, 2006.


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