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The K-Files


Welcome to the latest installment of The K-Files.

It's no secret that I am a fan of documentary filmmaker, Alex Jones. That said, it does not mean that I'm closed to other theories regarding the nature of world politics. Case in point, Peter Lance. His vocal spar with Jones on the infamous Coast to Coast 9/11 roundtable episode ranks among my favorite Coast moments.

Most recently, Peter Lance joined Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast Live to discuss his new book. It was a hard to follow episode for me, but the info being presented was an excellent change of pace from the more hardcore conspiracy theorists. And Ian's surprise first hour guest only seals the deal on this worthwhile episode.

You'd better get ready, 'cause here come The K-Files...

:: Special Report::
As part of my ongoing goal to listen to more of Ian Punnett's Coast to Coast Live program, I was pleased to see the guest lineup for last Saturday's episode. Joining Ian for a 3 hour interview was investigative reporter Peter Lance. They discussed the finer points of Lance's 'masterwork', Triple Cross--a tale of gross incompetence by the US government in failing to prevent terrorism. Though before the main event, Ian had a little surprise up his sleeve.

I listened to the show on a terrestrial radio, so didn't have an opportunity to catch the updated schedule for the episode. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when Ian announced that he would be interviewing none other than the Nighthawk himself, Mr. George Noory, during the first hour of the show. Having just heard George interviewed by Alex Jones a couple weeks back, I was interested in hearing how Ian would handle the encounter. The main topic for discussion was George's co-written book, Worker in the Light. Interesting that it took them this long to get an interview like this going, considering the book came out a couple months ago. Either its not selling all that great lately (it had dropped to #3,620 on the Amazon.com book sales ranking last I checked) or they decided to wait until the Christmas gift-giving season. I must admit, I considered purchasing it as a gift for one of my friends.

But in any case, most of the interview didn't even focus on the book. For the most part, it played out as an interesting lesson in Coast to Coast history. Both Ian and The Noor took it in turn to detail the various circumstances that led them to hosting the show. It was your standard self back-patting routine, but Ian's witty comments (as usual) kept things flowing. The 2 proceeded to talk about everything from their similar encounters with out of body experiences to the latest movies they want to see. The natural rapport the 2 hosts shared was fun to listen to--they sounded like a couple of good buddies shooting the breeze--but the interview lacked the drama of George's appearance on the Alex Jones show. Though drama I was not looking for in an interview with George Noory. No, for that, I was waiting for the reason I initially tuned into the episode: Peter Lance.

For me, I will always think of Peter Lance as they guy that went toe to toe with Alex 'The Bulldog' Jones on Coast to Coast and lived to tell about it. I remember their argument on the 9/11 roundtable episode well. Not only is it one of my favorite episodes of Coast to Coast of all time, it also resonated deeply with one of my own internal conflicts. It's no secret that I am a big fan of Alex Jones and his films, but I consider him a hero of mine not because I subscribe to his theories regarding the Shadow Government, but because of his give 'em hell, bulldog-ish attitude. When it comes to his theories, however, I find myself on the fence regarding many of them. More and more, I'm beginning to agree with Peter Lance's idea that the world is not being run by malevolent puppet masters, but by a sweeping aura of incompetence, instead.

So did the interview help me to chose a side on this issue? In a word, no.

Ian tried his best, but despite thoughtful planning and a mid-interview audible, I found the interview to be as whole quite confusing. As Ian pointed out, they were trying to summarize a 600+ book with a monster of an appendix and an 8-page timeline in a couple hours...not an easy task, to be sure. For me, the bulk of the useful info came in the first 40 minutes or so, before they delved too deeply into Triple Cross. Basically, as I hinted at above, Lance blames recent world events not on a shadow government or devious plan for world domination, but simply on incompetence among our leaders and elected officials. Although he doesn't mention him by name, Peter Lance clearly made reference Alex Jones and their differing opinions. To me, both seem like equally possible and depressing theories. But, as is usually the case in life, I think the reality is a combination of both.

I wanted to write a more specific critique of Lance and his book, but for the life of me, I honestly can't remember much about the interview. Again, it was pretty complicated and involved. Though Triple Cross sounds like a great read, with Ian giving it raving reviews at every available chance. I've finally gotten the chance to finish Jim Marrs' Rule By Secrecy, so perhaps Lance's book will be next on my 'to get' list. Being touted as a Tom Clancy thriller only real, sounds like it's right up my alley. Though maybe I will try to give the interview another listen to, first. For those that missed it, despite the confusion, I still do recommend the episode. If you're looking for something to counter the Alex Jones' of the world, Peter Lance would be a good place to start.

:: Dead End ::


Well, that's all for this week. I trust you enjoyed your trip into this shadowy nether-realm known only as the K-Files.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next  K-Files, arriving sometime next week. Later.

~Khyron, 2006.


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