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The K-Files


:: Khyron's 2005 Coastie Picks ::

Episode of the Year : 9/11 Roundtable

Guest of the Year : Alex Jones

C2C Regular of the Year (minimum 5 appearances) : Richard C. Hoagland

Theme Episode of the Year : 911 Roundtable

Newcomer of the Year : Dr. Turi

Richard C. Hoagland Episode/Appearance of the Year : Moon hoax debate w. Eric Hufschmidt

Ian Punnett Hosted Episode of the Year : 10.01.05 - Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre

Pop-In of the Year (1st Hour top of show appearance) : JC

The Coaster : Without question, TOM BISCARDI!

Alt. Science Episode/Guest of the Year : Health freedom panel

Alt. History Episode/Guest of the Year : 10.13.05 - Occult History

Conspiracy Episode/Guest of the Year : 01.28.05 - NWO

Ghost Episode/Guest of the Year : Ghost to Ghost (much better than last year's)

Outstanding Accheivement in the Field of Cryptozoology : 02.14.05 - Loren Coleman

Prognosticator of the Year : Dr. Turi

UFO Episode of the Year : UFO roundtable



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