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:: Rollye James ::

It has dawned on me that I haven't been commenting on Coast to Coast AM much anymore. The simple explanation for this is that I haven't been listening much lately.

I refuse to jump on the hater bandwagon that has rolled into the Internet as of late, so the reason for this isn't so much that I'm opposed to listening, but rather that there are just far too many other hobbies competing for my time. Therefore, to keep current with the latest happenings on C2C, I rely on forum discussions and my fellow BoA columnists. Now I just have one question for you commentators out there: Where's all the buzz for Rollye James at?

I sat down this past Sunday night and listened to my first full Rollye James episode. I gotta say that I dug the show. Dug it a great deal.

Yes, yes...It is true. I'm just not listening to Coast nearly as much as I used to. From what I've heard across message boards and from friends that listen to the show, it seems I'm not the only person giving Coast a break lately. For me, I place the blame solely on my Xbox 360. Sorry to say it George Noory, but your recent guest lineup doesn't have much on onslaught of AAA Christmas video game releases. Let's be honest, if I'm going to dominate a Ranked Team Deathmatch on Halo 3, I can't be trying to listen to an in-depth radio interview at the same time.

Though now that I've had my fill of pwning noobs and gone through Mass Effect twice, I found myself sitting down at my computer on Sunday night for a good ol' dose of late night radio esoterica. For those that missed the show, the new Sunday host, Rollye James, welcomed astrologer Robert Gover to discuss his future forecasts. In the most flattering sense of the word, this episode was frakking weird. I'm usually not one that enjoys astrology guests, but the way Gover combined the pseudoscience with such other--more interesting--topics as NWO conspiracy and 2012 prophecy was infinitely interesting. Like all good episodes of Coast, I wasn't intrigued because I was believing everything the guest was saying, but instead the unique perspective he brought to the state of world affairs had exactly the right amount of strange that attracted me to the show in the first place.

Also a real treat to listen to was host Rollye James. I've heard her a few times in the past (going so far as to quote her in my Jones v. Rivera column in September), but this was the first time I had really stayed with one of her shows for its entirety. I must say how surprised I am that more people aren't talking about Rollye.

Come on, people...she's got it all. Like Art Bell, she genuinely has an interest in the topics she covers. Like Ian Punnett, she obviously is well researched. And like George Noory, she has a friendly on-air personality about as far from Barbara Simpson as possible. So just who is this Rollye James? According to her Wikipedia page:

Rollye James is the host of a nationally syndicated talk radio show called "The Rollye James Show". She is a staunch libertarian and conspiracy theorist who often discusses cases of the government violating the American Constitution. Her show is syndicated by her company, Mediatrix Syndicate, to stations across the United States, although most of her calls come from online listeners and listeners of Talk Radio 165 on XM. James does not actively pursue affiliates.


A staunch libertarian and conspiracy theorist? Sounds like my kind of host. With Ian Punnett and an Art Bell re-run holding down Saturday nights, Rollye's addition to the weekend lineup is just the kind of thing that will get me listening to Coast more often. Also worth noting, Rollye's increased air time is precisely the kind of thing I called for in Step 1 of my Improving Coast in 5 Steps column.

Only I think she needs some help choosing her bumper music.


But alright, folks, that about wraps it up for Khyron in 2007. To all my readers out there, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Years. Get your shopping done, take it easy, and then get ready for another year of K-Files action. Peace.

:: Dead End ::

Well, that's all for this week. I trust you enjoyed your trip into this shadowy nether-realm known only as the K-Files.

For the latest updates on the world of Khyron, bookmark http://www.khyron.net/. With content updated regularly, you're sure to find your fix for all things entertaining and paranormal. As always, feel free to send any questions/comments/suggestions to KFiles@khyron.net.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next  K-Files, arriving sometime next week. Later.

~Khyron, 2007.


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