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The K-Files


We have a winner!

7 full days have passed, thus ending the vote for the new K-Files logo. The competition was heavy, with Logo 1 and 2 staying pretty much neck and neck throughout. There was a temporary lull in the voting earlier today that made it seem as if prototype 2 was the winner. However, in the last minutes of voting, prototype 1 fans made their voice heard.

In a very close conclusion, prototype 1 is the winner by 1 vote. Here's the breakdown:

Prototype 1: 15

Prototype 2: 14

Prototype 3: 8

Prototype 4: 2

Now that the new logo has been decided, all that remains is to reveal the brand spankin' new format. Due to Thanksgiving and the release of the Xbox 360 (more on that later), The K-Files will be returning in its full form next week.

Until then, happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'd like to give personal thanks to everyone that voted, I appreciate your continuing support for The K-Files.

~ Khyron

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