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The Esoteric Downtime

There are many things I certifiably do not look forward to; for reasons both obscure and intimate, these things just seem to do nothing but inspire feelings of fear, dread, intimidation and anxiety. Paying the rent is always a tearjerker. Indeed, there is nothing quite like scraping and skimping up one’s earnings for the month only to watch them slowly, ever so slowly, filter away as you begin writing out the check until the moment the landlord clears it. Talking to my mother is another one. Today, I should, at the very least, email with regards to some updated information, but plainly, even that, such an impersonal thing as email, is all too much to bear. Drinking too much milk is another thing on this list, but I won’t go into the messy details about that!

Body chemistry, family psychotics and financial woe aside, there’s another thing I that, while not filling me with dread, stimulates a profound disappointment. Take a look on the Coast to Coast AM (C2C) website and look at their guest list for this week, and you’ll verily understand why. Gettysburg Ghosts? Two new-age ditzes talking about spirit medicine?….Actually, that could prove to be humorous if Noory somehow brings his “Shadow Dog” into it: Noory: “You know what I’ve been wondering? My little Shadow Dog hasn’t been feeling too well lately, is there anything I should be giving him?” Guests: “Oh, just lots of luv, George ”……Anyway, back to it Some guy propagating the notoriously bogus Meier UFO contacts---it’s a fake, it’s been proven that the guy is a bloody sham, why the hell does Noory give this shit any time???? Oh, yeah, wait I know why…because “UFOs aren’t real, but I make money off them!”---and some guy discussing Noah’s Ark---Dude, I hardly think you’re going to tell us anything that some other Noah’s Ark guy hasn’t already. We all know it’s supposed to be on one of two disputed mountains somewhere in Turkey, unless you’re coming on to tell us you’ve got a piece of the ark, or a heap of dung left by one of the elephants, I don’t want to hear it!

It’s safe to assume Friday will feature our usual open lines banter. Half -cocked boonies from the foothills of Virginia calling up about the UFO they saw over their pick-truck; New Age Yentas with overly bleached blonde hair named something like Sunshine Moon Deer talking about opening up the inner conscious One to a world full of delusion and escapism from a reality to difficult to deal with--it’s called real life, now grit your teeth and get up off of your ass, everyone else is able to. And of course, what would C2C be without the paltry appearance of fourteen old boys (actually, 31 year old men who work at a Radioshack) calling up to tell Noory they eat their own poo. Sounds like a stellar week to me!

Now, I listened to a bit of Sunday’s show with Peter Davenport. Before hearing the show, I thought they should probably sign off with Art Bell saying: “Hope you enjoyed the show, because it’s all downhill from here!” As it turns out, it was all downhill from the get-go. Peter Davenport’s tired old hack and lackluster UFO sightings are really getting to me. And don’t get me going on his proposed new radar approach. Very simply, this man is holding back Ufology. As “Disclosure” and the “X-Conference” should mark to the noticeable observer, proving that UFOs exist is passé`. The overall assumption by most Americans, and I’d wager most first world citizens, is that UFOs do indeed exist. The next step, the new direction of Ufology, is the process of disclosure. Let’s call a spade a spade and get the government to lay down all of its cards, essentially. Peter Davenport isn’t supplying us with anything we don’t already know. Frankly, we don’t need a new type of radar system or low atmosphere surveillance or anything of the kind. We don’t need to prove UFOs exist! There’s nothing left to prove; we have stockpiles of video tape evidence and radar sightings, the most amazing information coming from Brazil and Mexico, personal testimony, suspicious government documents, court rulings keeping over 90 percent blacked out documents as top-secret for purposes of national security. Plainly, we have the evidence we need, contrary to the wrangling of the minority of debunkers still remaining. Let’s not mention Richard Hoagland’s drunken phone call from Coral Castle at 3 in the morning three weeks ago.

Folks, we’re in the esoteric down time. This is more than just C2C having a drought of good guests. In all truth, it’s pretty common on C2C to have one good week, to be followed by a week where the listener has the radio set as background noise as opposed to sitting up next to the speaker and listening intently. It’s even worse on the other esoteric shows. Jeff Rense is obsessed with Zionism; yes folks those fiendish Jews are at it again. It wasn’t enough to take over Germany at the beginning of the 20th Century, now, at the break of the new Christian millennium; those dastardly Jews are trying to take over America!!!! Puh-lease! Gee Jeff, you want to volunteer as our great Furher and keep America free? Oh, wait, your arch-nemesis G.W. Bush beat you to it. And as for Alex Jones….I can’t really bad mouth Alex Jones on the grounds of content. However, I do have to wonder if he is insane. Listen to him for yourself and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. I’ve a feeling that this guy is going to broadcasting from prison someday. Maybe when the Empire comes for the round-up…..or maybe when he’s jailed for defecating on a congressman, whichever comes first.

C2C is in a rut. Established guests are either worn out and tired or taking summer vacations. Your alternative Coast shows are scantly worth the effort. Uggggh!

My estimation: the world of the esoteric is reaching another “dark age” if you will, another prolonged period of universal downtime. Catalyst of the oncoming drought of esoteric worth is in large part due to the absence of third party observation and analysis in esoterica. Allow me to elaborate. Everyone takes an intimate, “we’re all a part of this” approach to the esoteric. The lines of observation and criticism have for the most part disappeared. Every pundit’s view has some legitimacy (allegedly), and every boisterous claim, no matter how outlandish, un-qualified, un-educated, and, at times, un-synchronistic to prior views on the same subject is adopted per faciem. The death of objectivity has born a dearth of personalities with a similar lack of objectivity, not to mention qualification. In short everybody and their grandmother is an esotericist; whether as an “expert” or as a listener/reader who somehow has come to believe that he or she is more apart of the esoteric than a passive role permits and is ethereally linked to the various “experts”, everyone somehow has some qualification to be intimately involved in propagating esoteric “wisdom”---that last word being used in a fairly sarcastic sense. Meanwhile the precious gift of third person objectivity is lost!

There is, if I may be so allowed to openly muse, a fear of objectivity in the esoteric fanboy circles-be it from passives or actives. Someone like Michael Heiser, who is totally open to Alien interaction with humanity but who also exposes the positively GAPING wide flaws of Zechariah Sitchin’s “research” (again, note the sarcastic), is automatically trounced as a “debunker!”-the single wickedest word in the esoteric world; “debunker!” is to the esoteric what heretic is to the Church, you don’t want to be accused of it and if you have been, you best get running out of town. Sitichin’s hypothesis was adopted, after successful marketing in the most corporate sense, wholesale without the slightest attempt to qualify his results or any objective critic and estimation of his work. It was bought blindly by one generation of jilted and jaded suburban American young adults and it’s been sold like snake oil “at the dog and pony show” ever since. There are only five people in the world with a proper enough grasp of the Sumerian language to provide any such translation or interpretation. Two of them are in New England; all five of them are in prestigious positions at private Ivy League and secular universities; not one of them is named Sitchin. The most notorious bi-product of the Sitchin Sale is William Henry. If Sitchin’s linguistics is bad---and by all academic standards, they are---Henry’s is absolutely appalling. Henry, who has NO knowledge in any manner of ANY ancient language, has propagated fifth string research on an ignorant populace and built himself a career. What’s more disturbing: just like Zechariah Sitchin, Henry appears to really believe his research is true. Certain very stringent rules of translation exist. Why? Not because of any vast conspiracy, but because if you take the time to study your own language or any other, you will find that very stringent rules exist naturally in all languages. By all estimations, Sitchin doesn’t seem to know about any of them. Yet, to point this out, to illuminate people as to the flaws of Sitchin’s research and the rules of linguistics, to do something as noble as propagating knowledge and enlightening the masses will only afford one the opportunity to be drawn and quartered by the esoteric hierarchy or burned at the stake by the esoteric church.

So, what’s my interest in all of this? I’m a theologian, a poet and a philosopher, why should I care? Quite a few reasons actually. Primarily, and most annoyingly, the faulty methodology of “esoteric linguistics” has spread like invasive cancer. A methodology of interpretation that ignores all rules of linguistics and focuses on some ethereal feeling, hunch, or sound similarity, as opposed to the actual grammar and syntax of a language, has become the modus operandi of contemporary “esoterics.” This deficiency has spread into Biblical interpretation as well as interpretation of other sacred and THEOLOGICAL texts; the resulting interpretations are passed of as credible (meaning that the person proffering the resultant interpretation has credentials) scholarship to a largely ignorant populace. You go to the local coffee shop, and it seems that everyone knows just a little something about theology and the Bible, all of which comes from the faulty and incredulous school of “esoteric linguistics.” Sitchin’s linguistic school, as he is chronologically the first to propose such erroneous methods, and everyone spawned from it, directly or indirectly, has stepped out of his own little circle and breached into my own. As any good little occultist will tell you (and yes, I had a past with that), stepping out of the circle is not such a good idea, and positively deadly if someone like me is waiting on the outside. In no uncertain terms could I ever remain passive to the affects of this branch of contemporary esoterica; this deficiency, wrought by the lack of objectivity, now directly touches upon my own work.

Indirectly, the subject matter of much of modern esoterica has, in one way or another, always been the property of theology and I wish to take it back. Things such as extra-terrestrial beings, spirits, black shadow figures, etc, have been the speculation of theologians, indeed, they are part of that largely unknown field of Christian Theology that is open to speculation. Furthermore, that modern technology has allowed greater insight into some of these phenomenon demands that theology should continue to investigate them. The angels of the Bible, with the exception of the Seraphim and Cherubim and the named angels, ought not to be understood as being heavenly beings that reside in the presence of God. In my own estimation, modern Ufology offers the possibility, but not certainty, of piecing together an otherwise obscure puzzle in Biblical Interpretation. There are beings described as angels in the Bible presented as being otherwise indifferent to God’s plan of salvation; in sum, they appear, in this theologian’s eyes to be creatures, such as we are, who are subject to God, such as we are. Without going further into this and presenting an interpretive expose that is simply not allowed here, I cannot present this thesis, even after I acquire tenor, for the very fact that contemporary esoterica has absolutely made a mockery of the evidence I would cite as suggesting, not proving, my hypothesis. I personally believe the phenomenon must be investigated from a theological perspective, indeed, it is my personal yearning so to do, however, I can only candidly admit, the glut of faulty research, or, should I say, the existence and propagation of non-research, makes such a venture into a phenomenon that demands and so desperately needs legitimate research, proposal and acceptance as possibility utterly impossible.

Of course the adage of esoterica fanboys is “this is about ideas.” Even Art Bell spewed it out, both in regards to why George Noory is the appropriate host and in defense of the story of an alleged UFO recovery by an alleged officer in the British army…named Chris. Fine, I’ll let the fanboys have it; esoterica is about ideas, fair enough. But I’d also remind you of something: it’s also about money. C2C, the main channel for esoteric ideas in the United States (perhaps in the world as well) is owned and operated by a corporate radio network. It is subject to corporate sponsorship and promotion. Considering the number of affiliates and employees behind the show, C2C is only possible as a corporate venture. The show benefits from the old capitalist motto: there’s a market for everything; Coast to Coast has found a market and indeed a large market it is. Then there’s the matter of some of the guests. Few of them have any such job involving research. Their main source of income is to ride the esoteric circuit and see what they reign in. There are few, if any, scholars (in any sense of the word, not just the academic) among them; only a small handful (Stanton Friedman being one of them) has provided research that could withstand serious and rigorous disputation. The majority seem to have thought up and idea and wrote a book on why it’s true. The methodology of any thesis is to prove it’s true; evidence must be qualified (extremely important), counter arguments must be addressed and soundly refuted, and, most important of all, it must be logical. The methodology of most Coast guests and esoteric personalities: “I have an idea! It’s true!” This brings to mind another capitalist motto: there’s a sucker born every minute. From a corporate standpoint of the executive board looking over monthly gross earnings, or the sketchy smile of a shyster calling people to play three card monty at the carnival passing through town, esoterica is a cash cow ready for milking-contemporary esoterica being more of a circus.