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A brief commentary on Saint Louis University students

I have never met a larger conglomerate of inconsequential humanity in my entire life. The perfect bi-product of a suburban manufactured mediocrity, bread and nurtured until it has come full circle as pop-culture biowaste.

This University toggles the line between a morbid extension of Catholic high school, and a satanic expansion of white America country clubs in mid-town st.louis. It's a perfect bubble dome to keep mommy and daddy's precious angel baby oblivious to the real world; God forbid they should see the miserable reality in which the working class has been oh so privileged to live. A campus full of young college republicans-even the democrats are republicans-who look around at the decay and deprivation a few blocks north of campus and CAN'T understand why the blacks and hispanics don't live like they do, in their upper class republican quasi-Catholic society a few miles outside of the city of Saint Louis proper. They can't fathom how the uncontrolled capitalism they've enshrined on the altar of the college Church-above the statue of Mary, and right next to Jesus-has left segments of society in such squaller that the only alternative is to live as squaller, with no hope to ever rise above their oppression because there simply is no hope to rise above oppression...

I saw a sign saying God bless America on the TV today. I thought, "thank you Lord, I needed a laugh..."