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The rantings and ravings of superstar theologian, Joe Vee


The Case Against Lynn Marzulli

Sometime ago, as any attentive reader of the Binnall Report knows, BoA received hate mail directed my way. Apparently, my review of Lynn Marzulli's Nephilim series provoked the ire of a certain woman by the name of Joanna. This, in turn, occasioned a brief response on my part, however, I think it time to re-state my case against Marzulli.

Upon my first exposure to Marzulli via C2C (his first appearance), I was quite fond of him initially. To the best of my recollection, Marzulli stuck to his work, he detailed his novels and the esoteric history supplying the basis of his literary (we're using the term loosely) work. Frankly, I was enthused. It was his subsequent appearance which triggered my skepticism. Marzulli was no longer content to be an author, but indeed, Lynn deemed it time to play the part of prophet, heralding a coming nuclear war between Israel and Iran, as coded in the Prophecy of Ezekiel and interpolated in his novels.

Two things normally irritate me: 1) warmongering and 2) Israelolatry. Yet, neither of these contributed to my initial turn towards distaste as pertains to Marzulli-only with recent reflection have I come to a certain displeasure with Lynn for broaching this subject in his last C2C appearance. Rather, the bold lies told regarding the world of (presumably) non fiction irked my eyebrow. I believe these items were detailed in my original review of Marzulli's books, however, for convenience sake, we'll detail them again in brief.

Despite my own opinions on the "aliens are demons" hypothesis, which, frankly, have varied greatly over time, Lynn, in a strong push for the implied "prophetic" relevance of his books pushed the link between Shemyasa (one of the leaders of the Watchers in I Enoch) and the allegedly visiting aliens via the infamous Billy Mier, who, coincidently, claimed to have been in contact with an ET named Shemyasa. What is Lynn's justification for this logic leap? The book of Enoch, Lynn contends, was somehow strangely scarce during the 1970s. Again, how Marzulli can even dare state this as a matter of non fiction for the purposes of hocking his books proves utterly bewildering.

I Enoch was "discovered" by Western Christianity in the 1700s and published in mass during the 1800s, both Oxford and Cambridge producing popular editions, such that popular fiction and poetry in the 1800s, both English and American, were irrevocably influences by its contents. Let's be clear, the popular new age angelology has nothing new about it, rather, it is the contemporary marketing of a conceptualization having its linage extending into the 1800s. So popular was the Enochian literature, its angelology contributed to a sudden girth of new protestant sects in the mid/late nineteenth century and earlier twentieth. Admittedly, we did not consider the possibility Marzulli was oblivious to the cultural influence of I Enoch in our review, so, perhaps this was "all news to him." Nevertheless, we would think perhaps, just perhaps, Lynn would have done just a tad bit of research on the subject prior to writing his books, in which case the long publishing history of I Enoch in the West would find mention in the body of research materials.

Yet, more outrageous than the above, from my perspective, was Marzulli's claim of unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls, specifically, that a scholar whom he knows confided to him of having read a Dead Sea Scroll featuring a fire disc, which both Lynn and his friend immediately found resonate with descriptions of flying saucers. In a world in which I, as a theologian, am bombarded with frantic inquiries of hidden scriptures and blood lines, and secret theological cover ups due to the sloppy research, if not deception, wrought by any given charlatan and a word processor, this claim of presumable non fiction is simply inexcusable. Folks, once again, there are NO unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls. Period. What exists are tattered fragments, having a few letters at best, and entirely unintelligible.

Imagine if you went into a library after an explosion. Very likely, you'd find some complete or semi complete books, also very likely, especially is the destruction was sufficient, you would find bits of innumerable pages containing a few letters per scrape scattered about, and, what's more, more than likely the majority of your library would have been destroyed. Now take the image of scattered fragments containing letters, not words, and apply it to materials written thousands of years ago and subject to various factors contributing to decay. Incidentally, we're not dealing with mounds and mounds of fragments either-there's enough for some museum collections, but the majority of what could have been preserved was preserved and all of that was published in one way or another.

Somewhere in Marzulli's claim is a lie; either his alleged scholar friend duped him or indeed the man himself constructs his reality based upon what might help a series of books. In either case, Marzulli, in a world of Da Vinci codes and supposedly hidden texts and findings, feeds the popular paranoia found in much of his audience and ultimately, in a secular or agnostic setting like C2C, lends credibility to all allegations, however false they are, of hidden texts that prove such and such a religious conspiracy.

Was my language towards Marzulli too harsh ? Yeah, maybe so, then again, that has always been part of the purpose of this column-if you warrant a thrashing, you'll get one. While we can agree perhaps my tact was short coming, I think it quite agreeable Marzulli warrants my indignation. One thing I despise is a charlatan duping the unaware. Lynn attempted to do as much in recent history and given that he constructed this circus around the implicit supposed spiritual credibility as a born again Christian, the onus upon him is great and terrible indeed. Yet, what is more disturbing is the feedback BOA received regarding my review of Marzulli's work.

If you return to the Binnall Report in question, there is a subtle insinuation I should have cut Lynn some slack on account of his Christianity-shame on me for not glossing over Lynn's lies. You know what Joanna, as one Christian to another, I must respectfully say, BULLSHIT! In a world where my God is pimped out, bastardized and whored by his so-called friends, you can be right well certain if Marzulli warrants it, he will be locked on my radar. Furthermore, at no time do I, nor will I, try to parade my own righteousness. Honestly, I don't have any to speak of. I'm not vying for sainthood, nor do I have any such chance. In fact when I croak, I will probably need a team of Carthusian monks praying for the repose of my soul around the clock. The only thing I claim: I will not let a charlatan pass by, especially if he's trying to whore out my God, however slight his hand might be. And as for Lynn…dude, if I find you one the radio, wait with baited breath at those open lines. One of those calls, I will be at you jugular like a Rottweiler.