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The Noory Factor

Someone a while back on theusofe forums suggested that since Nooryís contract had been renewed he had become more confident and a even better host. At the time I remember thinking that I hadnít noticed any difference in him at all. The past weeks though I think have proven that person right because even I finally noticed a difference.

I think I should have first noticed the change in Noory when he had enough balls to put together the 9/11 roundtable. That had to be what most hosts would consider a nightmare. Four people who really donít agree and 2 of them loud mouth control freaks. He did lose control here and there, but for the most part I think he did a outstanding job considering the situation.

Also, Noory seems to have gone from politely disagreeing with people to saying what he really wants to say. I am thinking of two recent instances, one with Biscardi where first he refused to let Biscardi continue with his unbelievable story and then when Biscardi tries to suggest the c2c listeners are somehow to blame George gets really angry and says ďOh, no donít turn it around on us and the c2c audience, at all. Donít do that because I will go right at you for that one.Ē The second recent time I can remember cheering George on was when Eric Hufschmid had switched from talking about 9/11 to his crazy theories of why we didnít land on the moon, George said something like ďYou are really ruining your credibility with this one.Ē And at one point said he wasnít even sure he could continue with the conversation, after that he got RCH to host the rest of the program and George just pretty much just sat in. Great idea! There is no reason George should have to deal with every crack pot that shows up on his show, he can just call in one of the regular crack pots to deal with them.

I think I always enjoy it when a host says something that I feel I would have wanted to say to a guest and what George told Biscardi and Hufschmid is pretty much exactly what I would have wanted to say.

That same week George obviously had given word that JC was allowed through should he call in. I have heard JC with Bell often enough to know that he has probably tried thousands of times to get through to Noory, but the early Noory seemed afraid to deal with JC, whereas the new improved Noory realizes that it is just a big joke and listeners enjoy it. As much as I like Noory I still hate the fact that calls are screened and I donít think I will ever quite get over that one.

There are other things I enjoy about Noory too. One of them is the way he can talk very seriously about Shabozzi. Most people would completely crack up if they had to say the word Shabozzi, let alone speak about him in a serious manner. Not Noory though, he speaks very seriously and almost reverently of the entity known as Shabozzi. I always look forward to Georgeís Shabozzi stories.

I have never disliked George, but after years of becoming use to Art and hearing his familiar voice every night it hasnít been completely easy to adjust to the new voice however likeable it may be. I think have finally almost completely adjusted though. Artís last announcement didnít shock me or upset me so I guess I am over that, even though I still enjoy hearing Art when he does host.

We also now have Ian. Unlike most I have always enjoyed the times Ian has hosted. There is just something fun about Ian.

I really am enjoying the diversity of having three different hosts doing c2c. Even though I like George, Art and Ian I wouldnít want to hear any one of them every night. I think things are almost perfect the way they are arranged now.

Back to George, I canít wait to see how he continues to evolve. Maybe as George continues to feel that he can be himself we will discover that George never was the polite, nice host we thought he was and it was all an act. I kind of doubt that, but there will definitely be things that will yank Georgeís chains and cause him to be rude, angry and maybe even flip out a bit. I love when that happens! I even loved Artís wing nut tirade, even though I may be one of the wing nuts he was speaking of. I think that is one of the things that makes radio fun because on TV the producer would cut them off and go to commercial, but that doesnít happen on radio.

George Noory, I will be listening, but donít be afraid because anything you do that is strange or even rude I will probably enjoy. So sit back in your chair and be yourself.

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