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Grey Matter


Somewhere there is someone who can get the truth out

I started a new thing at The Debris Field last month, a monthly poll. Since Gary McKinnon was much in the news last month, the question was "If you could hack into a US government site that might have UFO info and you knew you wouldn't be caught, would you do it?" Really, I had doubted anyone would answer no, but 3 people (or 1 person deleting their cookie and voting 3 times) of 34 did.

Assuming these people were being honest with their votes, I suppose I should be impressed that they are so honest that they would not spy on the government even knowing they wouldn't be caught, but I am not. These people, like all people, must have a tipping point. Maybe not ufos, because maybe they don't know anyone who has suffered abduction, or they truly believe the government is keeping this information away from us for a good reason or they don't believe in ufos and think it would be a waste of time. What if instead of ufos, it was closer to them? What if they had a loved one who had been involved in some horrible government experiment and had been terribly ill ever since. Would they then be tempted to look at the data on that, in hopes of figuring out how to help their loved one? In that case would they feel they had "a need to know?"

The point being that I don't consider the people who voted "yes", including myself to be anymore dishonest than anyone else. Everyone has some question they would like answered and if the poll was worded for that question they would have answered "yes".

It is rather hard to believe that these people don't have the natural human curiosity to want to know what is hidden from them.

Maybe they are afraid of what they might find. They might find their own government has sold them out as lab rats in exchange for technology. Or more likely, they may just find that the government is helpless in doing anything to stop it, but gladly takes any crumbs thrown it's way. It could be surprising, maybe they would just find out that millions of people across the planet are only seeing US government secret projects and the abductees are all insane, but that seems unlikely.

Somewhere there may be a more scientific poll, but in searching for a poll of how many people believe themselves to have been abducted by aliens, I only found one, the 2003 UFO Disclosure Survey Results. Maybe we should take that one with a grain of salt because most people answering it are probably believers in ufos. Still out of 718 people, 459 (64%) believed they had been abducted and 105 (15%) weren't sure. Even if it is assumed that most people answering this poll believe in ufos that is a high number of people who believe themselves to be abducted. Surely all these people are not crazy or experiencing sleep paralysis and mistaking it for something else.

Susan Clancy seems to think that all these people are experiencing sleep paralysis and maybe some of them are, but nobody in their right mind could believe that all these people are having the same delusion of little grey beings, that just doesn't make sense. I have experienced sleep paralysis and I saw no little grey beings and of all people who would see such a thing, you would think I would, since I am constantly thinking of little grey beings.

Abductions are an example of what I feel is the serious nature of ufo/alien visitation. It is the main reason we need to really find out what is going on. People's lives are being messed with by these events and we don't know what might be happening to them physically as well as mentally.

Why is there such doubt that these abductions are taking place? Everyone realizes that there are some people who would lie about such things for attention, but the fact is that most ufo abductees don't receive any attention even from most ufologists. Abduction seems to be a 4 letter word that all but a few ufologists seem to want to ignore. Then there is the "crazy people" excuse. There are a lot of somewhat crazy people, but from what I have observed they are normally crazy in different ways, there isn't some "hip" crazy alien craze that they all follow. Are there any other examples of people from all over the world suffering from the same mass delusion? I have never heard of it if there is.

What is crazy is to think the government will ever voluntarily disclose this information. Think of all that is at stake for them. The only way we will ever get this information is if some person who has access to it smuggles it out, someone hacks into some computer that contains this information or aliens land in such a mass sighting, live on CNN and there is no way to cover it up.

Really someone needs to come forward with this, whether they smuggle it out from somewhere they work, or illegally hack it. It is doubtful America would hold anyone accountable if they came forward with real proof. It is more likely this person would be hailed as a hero by all except the people who have tried to cover up the truth for all these years.

If people are being abducted they deserve the truth and so do we all.

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