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Grey Matter


The Tao of Taos

For what I believe is the 3rd week straight, I am mentioning Nick Redfern. People are going to start to think I have a crush on him or something, but I don't or at least not in that way. However, I do enjoy Nick's books and blogs (I read all of them daily) and I do especially like his take on crypto and zooform subjects. Which brings me to my point, I just got Nick's new book Memoirs of a Monster Hunter. I have read a great deal of it now, but I skipped to the chapter on Taos, New Mexico and read it first. In that chapter is the best New Mexico Bigfoot story I have ever heard. Since I find the area of Taos pretty mystical, for lack of a better word, that chapter gave me a last minute idea for Grey Matters. Thanks Nick!

I suppose I should say a bit about Taos. It is a lovely and very small town. In certain ways it is a lot like Santa Fe, only much smaller. It has the old plaza area that is packed full of art galleries, Native American jewelry and other such things for tourists to take home with them. I really love the area surrounding the town, more than the town itself. Normally I don't stay in Taos, but rather at Ojo Caliente which is not too far away. It is the only place I have ever been that encourages people to drink arsenic water. The first time I did that I had flashes in my mind of it killing me. I was perfectly fine and maybe in small doses it really is good for you. If you really want to know, Ojo Caliente is one of my very favorite places. Not only can you lay around relaxing in the natural hot springs, but you can hang out there at night, all night if you wish (BYOB). There are few things better than laying there in a hot spring, with no real civilization or lights around and staring up at the stars and sky.

Back to weirder subjects -- I don't want to retell the story Nick has in the book, if you want to know the story, you should buy the book. However, I will say that tales of a Bigfoot like creature around Taos have been around in the lore of the Taos Indians for over 800 years. The old tales describe him as a giant man with long hair over his entire body. It is said that he would come and steal people away and take them to his cave, high in the mountains, where he would eat them. There is a story that Bigfoot was followed to his cave where he was seen surrounded by the bones of his victims. It was decided to try to kill him. They set a fire at the entrance of his cave, when he came out they shot him with arrows, but he escaped with only a few wounds.

Of course, Bigfoot is only the tip of the iceberg in weirdness for Taos and the area surrounding there.

As most know, other than Bigfoot, there is what it is called the Taos hum, it is not only heard in the town of Taos, but all around the area. I listened for it last time I was there and didn't hear a darn thing. Yet, I do believe that people are hearing it and that it is real. I think they are probably just people with far more sensitive hearing than what I have after years of attending rock concerts. There are those who insist that the hum is caused by underground digging. Yes, the digging of tunnels and underground bases for our alien and reptilian overlords. Oh sure, I would love to scoff at that, say how silly it is and that there is no possible way it could be true. I really can't though. It is a mystery after all and if I am going to mention ancient Indian legends of Bigfoot, there are also ancient legends of large humanoid like reptiles. I am not sure these legends exist in the Taos area, but they do exist. So far as aliens and ufos go, check out some of the rock drawings left by ancient people in NM and all over the southwest or read some of their ancient tales about star people. Some people connect NM to ufos because of Roswell, but really the ufo connection started long before Roswell.

Probably some already know this, but there are quite a few famous folks who have "ranches" near Taos. Val Kilmer is one, then there is Julia Roberts who has land and a ranch right next to Donald Rumsfeld. I was relaying Nick's Bigfoot tale to Britton the other night and then somehow got into underground bases and Reptilians and I said that it would be nice if the Reptilians or aliens came up and took Rumsfeld away to their underground liar. It was then that I realized that maybe Britton had been living with me too long, his normal rational, non conspiratorial thinking seemed to disappear and he said something that I might have said, "Why do you think Rumsfeld lives there? He is probably running the underground bases." Which got me to thinking, why does he live there? Of all the places he could live he chooses a super liberal area of NM to set up house in? Really most people who would walk through Taos would tell you that it is full of hippies. For God's sake, Dennis Hooper lived there for years! There are anti war and anti Bush signs all over. They even picket Rummy's house from time to time. Wouldn't he be more comfortable in Montana, Idaho, Colorado or some other red state? So quite possible Britton is entirely right and he is running the underground bases, either that or he is a reptilian. That is assuming that there are underground bases, which I have no actual evidence of. However, I do think that Rumsfeld living there adds to the credibility of there being bases.:-)

OK, enough silliness for this week, see ya next time.

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