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Grey Matter



If you don't follow my blog The Debris Field (shame on you) then you don't know that after only three episodes I am already a huge fan of Fringe.

There are several reasons why Fringe works. Aside from the story lines that mix weird science/physics with touch of the paranormal, Fringe has a great cast. Normally, there is one main character that is suppose to be likable that I just don't like. On Lost, it is Jack and also Kate.

Without a doubt, one of the main reasons I like it is that the main character is a woman and a likable one, which isn't always the case. Agent Olivia Dunham (played by Anna Torv) is like women I know. The writers didn't make Olivia too tough and manly, nor did they make her too girlie and wimpy. She is just right -- in my opinion.

Peter Bishop (played by Joshua Jackson) could probably be a genius, but has mostly used his math skills to try to beat casinos in blackjack. Peter probably doesn't take advantage of his full potential because he doesn't want to end up like his father. Peter has more than a little resentment towards his father.

Then there is the character that is really hard not to like -- Dr. Walter Bishop (played by John Noble, also of Lord of the Rings), who happens to be Peter's father. In the first episode, Olivia and Peter signed Walter out of the mental hospital, that he had been in since 1991, to help with a case. Walter likes making LSD and other "medications." So far (and there have only been 3 episodes), all cases lead back to Walter's early research for the US Government. Walter is the way we expect true geniuses to be -- eccentric.

The story lines are interesting, but there is something else going on that is only briefly touched on so far and that is far more interesting -- The Pattern.

Yes, it is eluded to that psychic abilities, crop circles, ufos, astral projection, mind control and anything the least paranormal is part of a pattern and all of them come from one source and it seems to be the source that the government or whoever wants to truly find, solving cases being a small part of that.

Somewhere into that fits a large multinational corporation -- Massive Dynamic which is owned by William Bell, Walter's old research partner.

It seems unlikely that Massive Dynamic is the source, but it has already been shown that they have access to all FBI files relating to the source, so it is likely they are hoping to uncover it before the FBI. We also have to realize that the US Government and Massive Dynamic are probably not separate entities, rather the dreaded military industrial complex.

Really it is the pattern and source that interests me in the show as well. It has been theorized for years that all these so called paranormal happenings are linked, but what if they are not just linked and they are not random, but really are part of a pattern? It is something to consider.

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