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Book Recap : "Exempt From Disclosure"

The book “Exempt from Disclosure” is written by Robert Collins and Richard Doty. Robert Collins worked in the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) at Wright-Patterson AFB. Richard Doty worked as a Disinformation Agent at Kirtland AFB, along with a few other various related jobs.

According to Collins, the earliest UFO crash retrieval case happened in 1941 at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. A group (The Army Air Force Interplanetary Phenomena Unit, Scientific and Technical Branch) was formed in 1942, after two crashes in the LA area. The Roswell crash also consisted of two separate crash sites and, according to the authors, a live alien was captured at one of these sites.

We also hear from Tim Cooper a bit in this book and he has some interesting tidbits. One was about a crash in 1948 or 1949 at White Sands in which Tim Cooper's father Harry Cooper, a AF Msgt, says a very ancient Hebrew Bible was recovered from crash site. Code breakers at the NSA succeeded in breaking the Hebrew Bible Code and the information was given to MJ-12. The Hebrew Bible was thought to be the key to understanding the UFO/Alien phenomena.

The book then goes into many connections between the UFO cover up and the Kennedy assassination. I am sure most reading this have already heard all kinds of theories about this. There are probably better books on this subject, but still this book does go into a lot of detail of who knew what and did what. It is too complex for me to go into here though.

This book also explains about the Alien visitors. First was EBE 1 who was a captured alien from the Roswell crash. There were then 2 EBE sent to live on earth, EBE 2 who lived here from 1964-1984, then EBE 3 came in 1979 and stayed until 1989. According to the book they were mostly housed at Los Alamos National Lab. Looking at the drawings, it seems that EBE 1 was a different species from EBE 2 and 3, who look more like your typical Greys. The books also says that EBE 1 had far more psychic abilities than did 2 and 3.

Those of you who are regular c2c listeners probably remember Art’s interview with Richard Doty and Greg Bishop. A lot of what Doty writes about in "Exempt from Disclosure" can be found in that interview. A couple things stand out for me though. Doty says, of Bishop’s book “Project Beta,” - “The book is a mix of truth with a number of distortions, but fun reading I have heard.” Perhaps some of these distortions are caused by Doty himself. For example, Doty tells Bishop in the book, and also repeats this on c2c, that the signals coming from Manzano Base that are being picked up by Bennewitz are signals to and from the NSA. However, in “Exempt from Disclosure” he says these signals are going to and coming from the Aliens.

I also get the impression from Bishop’s book that he was told by Doty that there is no Dulce base, but in "EFD" Doty says there is a Dulce base at Los Alamos Labs. I assume the base at LANL must somehow be connected to Dulce or why else would it be called that? Either way there is a base called Dulce. For those of you interested, Doty does still stand by his statement that Aliens love strawberry ice cream in the book "EFD".

The books also covers the Men in Black phenomena. According to the book, MIB are merely human. They come from a unit referred to as the “oddball unit.” Which is described as a unit consisting of “con artists” and it goes further to say “safe crackers, cat burglars, locksmiths, fast talkers, disguise artists, impersonators, assorted masters of deception, eccentric geniuses and useful flakes of all types were recruited from all over the country, even from prison when necessary in order to staff the unit.” The first and most important goal of MIB is to collect information.

The next section of the book goes into great detail describing underground facilities at Wright Patterson. It is a long chapter and, sadly, did not spend as much time describing what went on in them as describing the facilities themselves, so I found this chapter a bit dry. It does have a copy of the memo General Ramey was holding at the Roswell (weather balloon) Press Conference which mentions Wright Pat is going to assess the “airfoil” from Roswell, it mentions “the victims” as well. Richard Doty claims to have seen aliens floating in missile like cryogenic chambers while at Wright Patterson. He says these chambers had “breathers” and what appeared to be cryogenic liquid.

The next chapter is about Los Alamos Labs and the three underground facilities there, one of which is called Dulce. Not only were there live aliens kept there, according to Collins who claims that he and Doty both met EBE 2 there, but also there is great deal of back engineering of craft components occurring there. The most talked about component being a small box that can power the ship, or anything else. It seems they still haven’t figured out exactly how that works. We are also told that the Cash Landrum case was caused by a experimental ship run using nuclear power as a substitute for the small box that we couldn’t understand. There are a couple “top secret” memos in this section which are very interesting, if true. The next section is also about LANL and all of the back engineering going on there. I have a favorite quote in this section which supposedly comes from a high ranking insider, it goes like this “I directed no disrespect to you regarding the “dumb friends” statement. I simply meant people without the inside knowledge make statements that are dumb. I’ve worked on this project for 12 years and I sometimes call myself dumb because I try to compare the craft with our technology. Doing that is dumb, as all that have worked on the craft over the years have come to understand.” According to this chapter, alien craft use a entirely different principal of physics than what we know or use.

What tour of underground facilities would be complete without Area 51 ? None, and not this books tour of them either. While Doty seems to want to discredit Bob Lazar, there are drawings of a underground facility that are courtesy of Bob Lazar and that, I imagine, we are suppose to believe. Area 51 seems to be somewhere they work on the crafts themselves and test fly them, rather than back engineering components like LANL.

So, that is a summary of what is covered in this book, though I admit to having skipped a few things such as the structure of various groups and their purpose. The book itself is a interesting read and I would recommend it to people who are really interested in this subject. Can you believe anything you read in this book? Doty was a disinformation agent and for all anyone knows could still be working as one. Still, there is much in this book that could be true, but that is up to the individual to decide.

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