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Grey Matter


Trailing the Orbs

According to author Renato Vesco the "foo fighters" were actually the Feuerball, or fire ball, which was "a highly original flying machine -- circular and armored, more or less resembling the shell of a tortoise and was powered by a special turbojet engine, also flat and circular, whose principles of operation...generated a great halo of luminous flames... Radio controlled at the moment of takeoff, it then automatically followed enemy aircraft, attracted by their exhaust flames, and approached close enough without collision to wreck their radar gear."

-- Jim Marrs from Rise of the Fourth Reich

There are many times that I have called the orb-like things which I see moving into chemtrails "foo fighters." To me, they look like many of the descriptions I have read of them.

Now, depending (and I am not sure on what) -- they are metallic orbs or bright white luminous ones. At times, they may look silver metallic one moment and white luminous the next. Sometimes they look one color when you are viewing them and another in a photo. They are not always visible to the naked eye but show up in photos of chemtrails. That said I actually saw most of the ones I have photographed.

They are totally and obviously attracted to the trails. I have witnessed them coming in over the mountains and heading directly to the trails.

The question is -- where do they come from?

It would be easy to guess (in my situation) that they come from Kirtland AFB, but I have never seen them come from there or even from that direction.

The planes that leave these trails seem to come from KAFB, which is to the southwest of my house, but the orbs seem to always come from the northeast or east.

I can tell you that this ALWAYS happens when there are chemtrail X's in sky. Not normally when there are just the random looking lines. By chemtrails, I mean lines that stay in the sky for hours. I have witnessed them last for nearly 4 hours and I don't know what happened after that because it was night and dark.

This made me wonder if the orbs I see are actually technology stolen from the Nazis? Or maybe the Nazis stole that technology from travelers from elsewhere and the travelers still use it. If it is some alien beings (simply meaning "unknown beings," but not necessarily "space men"), why would they be attracted to these trails? Let me make that clear -- they are attracted to the trails, not the planes. The planes are normally long gone by the time they show up.

Obviously I have more questions than answers. I don't even know if these objects are from Earth or somewhere else.

I do know that I am not crazy. Google "chemtrails and orbs" if you think I am. You will find lots of photos and video. These objects are not limited to NM or even the US, but seem to be all over the world.

Some people believe the orbs are making the chemtrails. That is not my experience. I have seen only unmarked white planes making the trails, the orbs normally show up after they are made.

Others believe that the orbs are artifacts of the trails, like some sort of plasma ball created by the chemicals. That is also not my experience since I have seen them fly in from a direction that had no trails.

If these objects are secret military aircraft or drones, what are they for? I mean, surely they have a better use than wreaking radar gear at this point in time. Do they have weapons on board?

It is doubtful that I will ever get an answer to those questions, but maybe if I keep observing them enough I will figure more out.

The Summer has been relatively chemtrail free. That isn't unusual. For some reason Spring, Fall and even Winter are more heavy chemtrail times. So as the season changes here, I expect they will start showing up more often, along with their little friends (the orbs) and I will be watching and taking photos. Maybe I will figure something out, but probably not.

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