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Grey Matter


Michelle Malkin helps Alex Jones!

I would love to have written something esoteric this week, but as often happens during elections and especially convention time, my thoughts are on more political matters.

While protesting at the DNC, Alex Jones ran into or tracked down (take your pick) Michelle Malkin. As you can imagine, Alex confronted her. He accused her of knowing 911 was an inside job, about FEMA concentration camps and just the regular stuff you would expect from him. Someone, from Colorado Truth (I think), was filming the entire thing.

Luckily this person who had been filming followed one of Michelle thugs when he left her side. The thug found a policeman and reported that Alex had hit Michelle's bodyguard and threatened to kill Michelle Malkin. That never happened and luckily the guy with the camera was right there and had what really happened on tape.

When things like this happen it only helps Alex Jones, proving his point that the Neocons lie and that conspiracies exist. Absolutely illustrating that people will tell any lie in order to try and facilitate their desired result.

You can see the video here -- and probably hundreds of other places.

The funny thing about it is that it isn't the first time such a thing has happened. Time and time again, these types seem to be going out of their way to show that they are exactly the type of people that Alex Jones and others accuse them of being. How can these people consider Alex the loony when they continue to prove him right over and over? Are they so stupid that they really think they are helping their cause or are they just playing to their base?

No, Michelle Malkin didn't do it herself, but it was obvious that she travels around with a group of thugs who are more than willing to lie on her behalf and I am sure had there not been cameras around they would have loved to beat the crap out of Alex Jones. Just the fact that she would have such people around says a lot about her character. I can certainly understand why she would need a bodyguard, she pisses a lot of people off, but she seemed to have an entire entourage of bullies and thugs.

It is also reported that Malkin has been on several shows sticking up for her bodyguard (or whatever he was) by sticking to the story he told about Alex hitting someone and threatening to kill her. So now she has made herself equally to blame and equally as much of a liar.

I am just pointing out once again why it is easy for people to believe in conspiracies. It is because they exist. Obviously the Malkin lies aren't the JFK assassination, but they contribute to the basic distrust of government and especially the media. As long as people like Michelle Malkin are held up as people we should trust and listen to, Alex Jones and others like him will find no shortage of believers.

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