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The good, the not so bad and the ugly

Since I often whine about what I think Noory is doing wrong, I thought this would be a good time to mention some of the good shows he has had lately and other good things about c2c that I may have failed to mention in the past.

I will start with shows -

Richard Dolan on 9/5 was a truly excellent show! Dolan is probably in the top three of people I admire in ufology. Unlike most I don't base this on his book, which is in a huge pile of books that I have only skimmed through, it is based solely on the interviews I have heard with him. He does a fantastic job of making things that might to some seem unbelievable seem easily believable. He doesn't go overboard and believe wholly in everything related to ufos, but he does leave the door open. Noory, except for his brief foray into wanting absolute proof, his failed attempt to drag Dolan into bashing other ufologists and his over the top praise of Seth Shostak did a great job interviewing. I suppose I can't blame him for his Shostak praise. If he really feels that way about Shostak, he is allowed his opinion. Maybe I am being a bit hard on Noory again, but I said I would mention the good shows, not that he was perfect.

The following night Noory had on Peter Robbins. Sadly, Robbins was only on for a brief first hour appearance. Still, that is two ufo guests in one week and since there have been many weeks where there are none, it is a good thing.

On 9/11, there was the 9/11 special (what else would it be?) I was quite a bit disappointed that there was no Jim Marrs, especially considering his new book is about 911, but being that Marrs does have a new book out he may have been too busy for c2c. So far as the guests he did have I enjoyed AJ the most. The surprise was that Victor Thorne and Lisa Guliani of Wing TV were invited. They have written numerous nasty articles and such about Noory. Then again, they have written numerous nasty articles about just about everyone at all connected with the 911 truth movement. Strangely enough they did not have the balls to mention any of their conspiracy theories about Noory while they were on the air with him, instead they did their best to act as though they truly liked him. OK, so not the best 911 special possible, but still better than most other shows.

The 9/12 show featured Robert Schneck as the full show guest. I had been hoping Schneck would be a good guest and he was awesome! The Lionel Fanthorpe of America is what I have dubbed him. He also gave kudos to Loren Coleman, which endears me to him. He had great stories told with much enthusiasm and I hope he will return to c2c often in the future.

On 9/13, Loren Coleman dropped by for the first hour. I always find Loren to be a fascinating guest and not just because Loren has always been kind and helpful to me, but because he really is a fascinating guest. He talked briefly about the copycat effect and then onto the Sumatran Rhinos, Bigfoot, giant birds and other cryptozoology topics. Noory did ask once again if dinosaurs could still roam the earth and as always Loren tried to steer him away from that.

Phillip Mantle was the guest on 9/14. Although the first hour was not so great, it had nothing to do with Mantle or Noory, but rather Mantle's horrible phone connection. For the rest of the show the phone was fine and Mantle told some really cool Soviet UFO stories. He also told us all about "alien autopsy," as he knew a great deal about the entire hoax. Again, Noory tried his "hard evidence" angle and failed miserably once again.

A few honorable mentions, Robert Y. Pelton on 9/7, who talked about military contractors. I thought it was a pretty good show, though some others I know didn't, for whatever reason. Also, J. Edward Cornelius of 9/15, who talk about Crowley and the Ouija board was fairly interesting.

So all and all, if I look back I have few complaints for the first two weeks of September.

George Noory himself - yes, there are some improvements about him, or at least one. Noory seems to have flipped out a bit. I must confess that except for asking Loren Coleman if dinosaurs still walk the earth, along with some other regular Noory questions, I have no idea what he might say. The first big sign of this was the Greer attack a while back, though there were smaller ones before that. While going after Greer, or someone else with Dolan he said, "and I would say that to his face!" Almost like he was trying to provoke a fight or maybe he reads GM and was responding to my comment that he only talks about people behind their backs. My feeling is Noory will continue to become more insane as time goes by and although I may not always agree with his insanity and least it should be entertaining and give me something to talk about.

Lets hope Noory will start using his growing insanity for good, instead of evil. Maybe he could make Hoagland cry by saying the face on Mars is simply a trick of light and shadow or spend an entire show with Sean David Morton, pointing out all the predictions that didn't come true. That would probably take more than one show, but you get the idea. How about a show discussing the best wines with Dr. Turi?

All the insanity could only lead to one thing -

The cult of Noory, based on his book "worker in the light." It could become bigger than Scientology. Hollywood stars would start wearing the Noory "pink light LED of enlightenment" (patent pending) around their necks to bring on the spiritual awakening. Throughout the world there would be dinosaur expeditions going on. Shaman Noory would travel around on a healing crusade and passing out one dollar bills to needy c2c listeners. It all goes terribly wrong though, when Noory weds Dr. Susan Clancy, causing a full scale rebellion and mass suicide.

So maybe that won't happen, but you never know.

Mostly that foray into fiction was just a reminder that Worker in the Light will soon be available to all! Although I have no plans to buy or read it, I eagerly await Binnall's review of it.

Until next time, beware of the pink light!

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