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Grey Matter


On Air War

For those of you that missed it an incredible argument took place between Whitley Strieber and Daniel Pinchbeck last week on Dreamland.

From Whitley's journal - So what was the fight about? Just this: he accused me of being in league with dark alien forces that do not have the best interests of the human species at heart. He said that I was spreading a dark view of the human future and that, by doing so, I was helping them make it come true.

After listening to the show I can honestly say that I have never heard a guest attack a host in the way that Pinchbeck went after Whitley. Sadly, I lost quite a bit of respect for Pinchbeck. It seemed to be rather hypocritical to try make a point of how man can evolve to become more intelligent and better people when you can't even control your anger. The things he said to Whitley could have been said in a more curious and less angry way and he probably would have got his answers without managing to infuriate Whitley in the process. I have heard others in the past ask Whitley if he believes the aliens are manipulating him, it doesn't anger him, but rather than asking or even just merely suggesting that, Pinchbeck accuses Whitley of some sort of conspiracy with the aliens or being under their control.

Now obviously I don't have the experience with aliens that Whitley does, but I have many times said that it is more likely that they have their own agenda that they are following. The secrecy of this agenda makes me mistrustful. At the same time, if they are anything like humans there is the good and the bad. I am wary of anyone who says all aliens are evil or all aliens are good. I am not a believer in the space brothers concept nor that all aliens want to destroy mankind.

On the negative view of the human future I think Daniel had a point. Although, maybe not in the way he meant it. I get increasingly tired of tuning into paranormal radio and listening to doom and gloom. Not necessarily because I find it depressing, but more so that I find it pointless. I can't tell you how many guests I have heard on a variety of shows that go on air and spill out how we are all doomed and there is no hope of stopping it. Well, if there is no stopping it, why are they wasting my time? What good does it do? To me much of that is just sending out negative energy for no purpose. Unless you have a solution, that doesn't require all of humanity coming together in peace and love, why waste my time?

So while I can understand Pinchbeck's point about negativity he went about this in entirely the wrong way. Really he went about it in a negative way. It was rather similar to those preachers who try to teach you about the love of Jesus by judging your sins and telling you how you are going to hell.

Whitley's journal goes on to say - Pinchbeck accuses me of bringing on a dark future by predicting it. That's magical thinking, and just as impotent as its opposite—that you can create a positive future by believing in it.

I almost completely disagree with that statement. As far as I know, every study of positive thinking and prayer show that it does work. If that is true, negative predictions and thoughts also would have an effect. Now I am not suggesting that positive thoughts can stop any disaster from happening, but in my way of thinking it certainly wouldn't hurt.

Then there is my other big question, if ¾ of the planet died off, what would it really matter? I do believe that energy and souls continue, so really death is not a horrible thing except for those of us left here that are missing someone, but that is human selfishness. So yes, it may be hard for those left, but in the scheme of the universe and for the souls who have moved on, would it really matter? I think not. We have short lives and we move on, that is the way of things. Why worry about it or feel you have to give some sort of warning?

So I see the good and the bad in both arguments, according to my own way of thinking and I am sure others will see it far differently.

In the end I think Pinchbeck could be the big loser from this. Whitley has already said they were not friends and now would never be friends, which makes me think he won't be invited back to Dreamland. Also, other shows are going to hear about that and listen to it and they may be afraid to invite Pinchbeck on the show. It could also have the opposite effect where it becomes a big controversy and everyone wants Pinchbeck on their show, you never know. We will see how it all pans out.

As for Whitley, he often confuses me, but I have been reading his books forever and listening to Dreamland since it started, so as long as he or Jim Marrs are hosting, I will be listening. Although I don't always agree with him, there is a soft spot in my heart for him. I will also add that I feel he handled the situation with Pinchbeck really well. Many hosts would have just thrown him off the show (I would bet that Noory would have), but Whitley hung in there. So kudos to Whitley!

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